You Can Handle Poker Sharks With Ease

YOU MUST get to the end of this video… there is a tremendous poker lesson here.

What astonished me about this video was the way you could feel the calm in the midst of this school of sharks. This is an illustration of Poker Mindset at its best.

They also call a school of sharks a "shiver"… which is appropriate because this might make you shiver.

The three word mantra I share with my coaching clients came to mind as I watched this video: Calm, Easy, Trust.

  • Calm – Poker is an inside job. Find that calm place before you sit down at the table.
  • Easy – Make your moves easy with confidence. It is that easiness that is true power.
  • Trust – That opportunites will present themselves, that you will recognize them when they do, and that you will have the courage to act on your instincts.

Until next time, remember my motto…

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy tm

12 thoughts on “You Can Handle Poker Sharks With Ease”

  1. hi there, thought of u last nite as I played at Derby, I have called, wrote letters abd sent emails as we discussed, by myself and tru PPA. In this month of Ante Up  page 47 th best and most concise pre-printed letter to inform that I have seen, it is 2 sided w/tidbits for Capitol Hill on back, way important—-MUCH NEEDED GOVERNMENT REVENUE READILY AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!! On a different note, having trouble keeping postive mindset, as I play my A-Game but not making money as I was. Since July of 07, 3 successful years, as I am used to  winning and showing profit, now am in a funk!!!!!!!!!!!ty —JODY

    1. Jody, thank you for mentioning the Ante Up pre-printed letter. Yes, it is very good and focused on the revenue the government is literally passing over. Be sure to grab your copy of our Poker Action Plan that we put together on April 17. It has a good script that you can tweak as time goes by. You can down it here

      Yes, Jody, so many people are having mindset issues, which is why this is the perfect time for Poker Mindset Academy. I am working on the platform today and tomorrow, and expect to have an announcement by midweek. I’ll annouce it first to anyone on my list.

      Regarding “I play my A-Game but not making money as I was”, because you are in a funk that is coming thru in your game. You are sending out ‘funk energy’ and it is drawing ‘funk’ to you. Like attracts like.

      We will share solutions to help you keep your energy vibrating at a positive and up level while we are going thru this change. Donna

  2. Wow! What an insightful lesson.  Once you have the confidence to overcome your fear, you control the situation. 

    Be confident, act with confidence, and know you are in control of the poker table.  Feed the table the information you want them to have and slowly calmly take control of the table.
    Very Nice!  As usual, great mindset lesson.

    1. Thank you Angela for getting it! Your comment gave me chills while I read it.

      Gregory, my husband and the Coach’s Coach, says I can find a poker lesson in a blade of grass 🙂

      I say it’s because they are everywhere. I challenge you this week to discover a poker lesson in your ordinary day, then come back here and tell me about it. Once we open our awareness to lessons and ask for them, they start popping up like, well pop corn. Donna

  3. Donna, sorry I din't get anything out of the video. What I do when I play is READ MY PLAYERS LIKE A BOOK. yOU CAN SEE MONTIONS ON THEIR FACE, don't get any player mad at you, because they will raise and play so you won;t know how they are playing to knock you out the game.

    on WSOP, TOM ,can't think of his name, young boy, he gives his hands away every time he get a good hand, He will roll his eyes and act like he has nothing. Any way thats how I, play.

    I Thank you for your advise. I thought I saw you at Derby Lane, girl looked just like you, then I didn't see her again. They Had a big tourny today, so I thought maybe it was one of yours.

    Well take good, was nice to hear from you,

    1. Yes, Lois, we must watch and read other players, however it is first about us. Poker is an inside game. Donna

    1. lol… that was also one of my thoughts as well, however, I feel being well fed alone does not create the calmness that came from the sharks… and particularly the last one. the shark was a mirror of the shark handler. Donna

  4. Hi Donna,
      That was a great video and I can see where it applies to poker.  Your three word Mantra is really expressed watching it.  Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome, Linda! It is amazing to me how powerful those three words have become in my life and at the poker table. I’m thrilled when others can get their power. 🙂

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