WSOP 2013 – The Best Games are at The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian

The Venetian Resort Las VegasThe Sands Poker Room at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is my destination of choice during WSOP® 2013.

Kathy Raymond, Director of Poker Operations says, “Get in on the fun, win your way in, and look forward to a big payday because the fields are going to be big. Cash games will be enormous, too.”

In Las Vegas, the Venetian Deep Stack Tournament has 240 events during 60 days! That is four events a day running 11am, noon, 4pm and 7pm.

Click here for Schedule – Deep Stack Extravaganza, The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian, Las Vegas, May 23-July 21 2013

Raymond went on to say, “We’re doing something different this year. All the 11am events will be held in the Venetian Poker Room and they are LIMIT tournaments. You’ll find everything from RAZZ to Triple Stud, Deuce to Seven,. You name it; they’re going to spread it, even 6-handed tournaments.”

Buy-ins run from $400 to the $5,000 Venetian Deep Stack Main Event. You’ll find satellites during the seven weeks leading up to 5k  Main Event.

It’s clear that The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian is stepping up their game to accommodate players. Kathy Raymond went on to say, “We’re trying to make our room the players’ choice by putting electric outlets under every one of the 59 tables in the poker room.”

That’s not just a couple of electrical outlets under each poker table. The Sands Poker Room has put 2 electrical outlets per player under each table.

That’s right. You read that correctly… 2 outlets per player!

Now you can plug in your cell phone AND your laptop right at the table. What a great idea.

They want players to be comfortable and well fed. They have 24-7 service with the Grand Lux Café, and it’s different than any other table side food service you’ll find in the industry, because they offer a 7-page menu served to you at the poker table.

Lots of swag giveaways including backpacks, T-shirts, iPad holders, anything you can think of. They even have a pen that rolls out and shows the entire 240 events for the Venetian Deep Stack. Imagine that!

You’ll find lots of space in the poker room between the tables. You can run a small car down the aisles between the tables so you’re not bumping into other player’s chairs, or more importantly, they’re not bumping you.

Look for all kinds of limits. They’re bragging about their Omaha from 4-8 to 75-150, pot limit as well as mixed games.

Bottom line, it’s a tremendous variety and menu of games, and The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian treats all level of players the same, like royalty!

Kathy Raymond says she wants you to be happy and contented. If you have any suggestions, bring them on in, because she’s always willing to hear.

I know that’s a fact. Kathy Raymond rocks poker at The Sands Poker Room at The Venetian during the World Series of Poker™ 2013!

Until I see you there, remember my motto.

If you can’t raise, don’t call.

Donna Blevins

Poker MindSet Coach

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