Wise Counsel from Poker Coach’s Coach


Even though I'm in training for this summer's WSOP® Main Event, my poker coach did not accompany me to last Saturday's tournament. After busting our early, I desperately needed to hear his reassuring voice.


You see, besides being my poker coach, he is also my life coach, mentor, best friend, and husband. Despite the fact that he only stands 5'3" on a tall day, he is one of the few people I truly look up to… I call him Gregory the Great!

He had not gone with me to the tournament because he was deeply involved in a project with a short-term deadline. Certainly, I understood, but I still missed the grounding and perspective he provided during and after a game.

I always hate to interrupt him when he's working on a major project, but I so needed to hear his voice. After driving for nearly an hour and a half, and becoming more and more frustrated, I called Gregory. Fortunately, he said it was perfect timing. He, too, needed a break and a change of pace.

After explaining to him all the major hands I played during this tournament, he reassured me that I had played every hand correctly. As he says, sometimes, you just get snapped off. Even when you lose multiple hands in a short time frame where the odds are dramatically in your favor, that's still just part of the game.

Sure, I know that. I teach that. However, it does not make me immune to what I call the Double D's… and no, guys, don't go there… the Double D's are the Doubt-Demons.

Gregory reminded me that the main objective in poker is not to win every hand you play, but to make the correct decisions, not just some of the time, now just most of the time, but all of the time.

After going through our traditional debriefing process, we both knew that I had made the correct decisions, each and every time. That's what counts, really counts in poker… making correct decisions.

Perseverance in the long run will prevail… God, I love that man!


If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach

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2 thoughts on “Wise Counsel from Poker Coach’s Coach”

  1. Oh Donna! I've had many of those conversations. It seems our hubbys have the same brain! LOL
    Stay focused and assure of yourself and magical things will happen…Hugs!

    1. And congratulations Robin for winning your entry into the WSOP Ladies Event during this tournament! I watched you intently during the final table. You did fantastic… Oh, yes, you were THE WINNER!!! Go Girl! Donna

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