What do You Expect at the Poker Table?

 What kind of payoff are you expecting at the poker table in 2011?
This following video tells what one of my poker coaching clients has experienced.
An old expression says, "You seldom receive more than you expect."
If that's true, it may be time to raise your expectations.
Think of your thoughts as an automobile that takes you from one place to another. Now, think of your emotions as having the ability to turn that car into a jet, or even into the beam-me-up-Scottie-transporter from Star Trek.
That kind of instant gratification would be sweet, until it comes to blowing off a huge stack in a major tournament, instantly. Then, it sucks.
It has taken me years to discover the simple truth behind all this thought + emotions = speed of results. It all depends on the intensity behind those emotions.
When you experience that hot flash of fear of losing at the poker table, you lose more often. When you vividly see yourself standing victorious over piles of money at the final table, you will win more often. It's pure and simple.
Since our subconscious cannot discern the difference between what we have actually experienced and what we pretend or imagine, here is a simple but powerful exercise. I use this simple practice all the time. In fact, I used it this past Saturday to help me once again finish first in a live tournament. It works.
Turbo Charge Your Thoughts with Emotions

Mindset Focus: Regardless of whether you have experienced a huge, satisfying win or whether you have to make it up, this still works. If you have not yet experienced such a win in reality, then imagine what it would feel like. Pull from all your mental files and make it up. Don't let your current reality get in the way.
Set Your Intention: to tap into your inner strength and wisdom so that you will co-create massive victory.
Preparation: Move to your heart center and take three, slow deep breaths.
Think back to an instant when you experienced great satisfaction and the joy of winning huge at the poker table. Put yourself in the picture of winning big. See your friends celebrating and hear them cheering loudly. Feel the embrace and joy from your partner.
How did you feel? Embrace it.
What did it sound like? Hear it.
What did it look like? See it.
Luxuriate in it, for it is yours.
Until next time, remember my motto…
When you can't raise, don't call.
Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach
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