US Poker Players Call to Action

Are you upset about the US Government stealing online poker and freezing our bankrolls last Friday? Are you ready to take action? I am!
In 2009, it was estimated the US had at least 100 million played pokers, who played poker at least once a week. Today, there are 1.2 million members of Poker Players Alliance.
This morning April 17, 2011, the US Census Bureau Population Clock estimated that we have 311,182,086 people nationwide. What does that mean to us as poker players?
Regardless of the exact number, we have a massive collective voice. However, it will only be heard when we speak up, take focused action, rather than moan and complain about it to our fellow poker players.
In order for our voice to be heard, we must take action. We must take it quickly. Moreover, we must be bold and make it loud… really loud!
Click here to open your Action Plan for US Poker Players… Save As to download the PDF to your computer. You can print it out for easy reference.
 This is a realistic, step-by-step action plan that you can implement starting tomorrow morning April 18, at 9am Eastern Time. It involves you making telephone calls that count. A lot of telephone calls. As many calls as you can possible make in a five-day period.
If you're on the job at that time, there are specific steps you can take when you get home.
Change can happen in American when it comes from the grass roots. That's you and me. It's all in The Action Plan.
It is critically important that every poker player in American step up and take action. We must become the squeaky wheel now… not next month, not next week, but now, this week. This Action Plan runs from Monday, April 18, 9am Eastern, to Friday, April 22, 5pm Eastern.
I want you to take action and get the word out about the plan. Send your poker playing friends to this blog post or send them a copy of the plan.
Tell them to go to… that will take them directly to a copy of the plan that you downloaded here.
Tweet about it. Post it on Facebook. In The Plan, we've even written the words for you to tweet and post.
Ordinarily, I'd remind of my motto– when you can't raise, don't call.
However, today, I want you to call, and call, and call, and CALL!
Donna Blevins Poker Mindset Coach
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy(tm)

4 thoughts on “US Poker Players Call to Action”

  1. This is not the land of the free.  Other countries are miles ahead of us in so many areas its sickening.  The poker thing is just one example of how inept the government is.  France and Itlay, no less have taxed and regulated already.  You have a billion dollar business in your lap, waiting to be taxed and regulated, i hope this is what you are planning to do, otherwise you all are morons.  Really nice to take away hundreds of thousands of peoples jobs from them and not to mention the trickle down effect this will have in the industry.  Way to kill it, instead of us all making money and keeping the momentum going.  Besides making money, people should be able to play for fun and entertainment as well.  The land of the free my ass.  This is along the same lines as the theory of "medicare vouchers".  I am no longer proud to be an American.

    1. I’m glad your outraged! It’s time to take some action so that our government knows we will not stand for this!
      Download Our Poker Action Plan here and follow the plan. YOu can do two emails thru the PPA links and they will go directly to the US Attorney General, Obama and your members of congress. Keep that outrage and make the calls, send the emails, pass our link along!

  2. Awesome step by step guide, Donna. Anyone who can't do this and help the situation certainly shouldn't be complaining. Thanks for the easy guide…. let's fight the good fight!

    1. Thank you Jan! It’s just like taking a really bad beat at the poker table. We have a choice. Either we can complain about our lousy luck or get on with the next hand.

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