US Poker Players Call to Action May 23 & 24

Playing poker is not a crime, and the US Government must NOT treat us as criminals.
If you agree with that, you must take action now. I am in Washington DC preparing to lobby Congress about regulating online poker. There is potentially 4 BILLION dollars of revenue available to the US without raising taxes by bringing online poker sites into the US.
This is what I want you to do right now:
Send emails to your congressional representatives and make phone calls to their offices. Do this today and tomorrow at the very minimum. We are here, and we need your voice. Everything you need is in the the Poker Action Plan that you can download to your computer right now, print out, as well as follow the links.
Please make those calls and do those emails now.
You can find all the phone numbers and names in the we put together just after Black Friday. You will also find talking point and a simple script to guide when you call. You can go to and send the emails directly to your representatives. The access link to those pages is also in the Poker Action Plan.
PPA has a template of words, however, be sure you tweak the beginning for your voice.
Be part of my E-Team… my Energy Team and send you positive thoughts and energy. 
Above all, take action now.
Remember, when you can’t raise, don’tcall.
This is a raising hand. It is time to call you US Representatives!
Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy

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