US Poker Only Law is in the Works

“Poker is not a crime” is the slogan on countless red t-shirts of Poker Players Alliance members milling around the lush lawn in front of the US Capitol. It’s midday on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, and I believe this is a very important day for poker in the United States and worldwide. I believe this is THE day US poker players finally speak with one voice.
As part of a lobbying effort spearheaded by Poker Players Alliance, today we will have more than 130 meetings with law makers on Capitol Hill. I am thrilled and elated to be a part of this historical day, and thank everyone, who helped by taking action and ask that you continue with your daily action plan.
You can feel the energy in the air as we prepare for the rally and press conference. It rained this morning, but it’s sunny and humid. It’s sort of like you’re nearing a money bubble in a huge poker tournament, and you want to appear causal, despite the fact that you are actually vibrating inside.
Since I have to leave in a few minutes to make my fourth of six lobbying meeting of the day, I’m not wearing the red t-shirt. I’m wearing my red blazer with kacky slacks. The image makes me look like I belong on The Hill, and, frankly I feel strong and in charge.
A stranger taps me on the shoulder and asks me what I want him to do. For a moment I’m puzzled wondering why he asked me. I chuckle to myself when I realize what he saw as he walked up. A sea of red t-shirts with a blond head sticking up above the crowd atop a body dressed in a jacket the exact same color as the t-shirts.
Accepting my momentary promotion, I smiled broadly, thanked him for coming, and suggested he take one of the posters proclaiming “Playing Online Poker is a Personal Freedom” and hold it up so that the cameras could see it. He nodded gratefully and left with a mission.
Fortunately, before I had to dash off to my next meeting, Joe Barton stepped to the podium and made the public announcement we had all been waiting on. Joe Barton is a US Representative from Texas and is a champion of poker. He will be submitting a POKER ONLY BILL to the House very shortly. Here they call it “dropping a bill.”
The details of the bill are not yet public; however, Representative Baron was able to tell us that this bill is in legislative counsel right now ironing out details with Poker Players Alliance.
Joe Barton’s back story is provocative.
When Joe’s father proposed to his mother near Dallas Love Field, then a US Army Air Field, his father had two loves… the woman before him and poker. However, Joe’s dad was not able to pursue poker because the young woman’s father said it’s either my daughter or poker. You choose. Instead of becoming a professional poker player, Joe’s dad chose the girl over poker but passed his love of poker along to Joe.
Sometimes we discover poker all on our own. Sometimes, it’s just in our blood.
Remember, my motto…
When you can’t raise, don’t call.
Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy™
We are depending on US poker players to continue to speak with one voice.
Each day, YES, each and every day, email your Senators and Representatives and make at least three phone calls. Every one of your emails is counted and makes a huge difference. Go to where you can quickly and easily do your emails.
Download the Poker Action Plan
it has the phone numbers of all the Senators and US Representatives along with a simple talking script for you to use when you call.
It also has helpful links for you to easily access.

6 thoughts on “US Poker Only Law is in the Works”

  1. We've Come So Far!

    Hello Donna!

    Wow!  I'm so proud of you, of PPA, and of all our grassroots supporters for bringing us this far into making an historical poker movement.  Let's keep up the momentum!  Good job!

    Cheryl M.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! We can make a difference because we are working together. Since there were over 90,000 letters sent to Congressmen since Aprl 15, they were willing to listen to us. Please keep those emails, letters and phone calls going. Donna

  2. Good going Donna, Pray all works out for you and Poker. I don't bet on computer, but I play for free. But you should have the right to do either.
    I played today and won high hand of $450.00. Was happy Girl.LOLOL.

    1. Yes, Lois, it is about our personal FREEDOM to choose what we want to do in the privacy of our own home, with our own money, on our own Internet access! Congrats on the high hand… Whoohoo!

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