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Poker Wonder Woman

At 6’5″, people often called me The Poker Amazon, but I don’t really see myself clad in a short, leather toga carrying a bow and arrow. Rather, I see myself more like Poker’s Wonder Woman, decked out in that red, white and blue costume. Sure, the outfit is sexist, but, just think of the advantages of having cuff bracelets that deflect bullets (pocket aces) and a truth lasso that makes it impossible for another player to bluff you out of a big pot.

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Wise Counsel from Poker Coach’s Coach

Share  Even though I'm in training for this summer's WSOP® Main Event, my poker coach did not accompany me to last Saturday's tournament. After busting our early, I desperately needed to hear his reassuring voice.   You see, besides being my poker coach, he is also my life coach, mentor, best friend, and husband. Despite […]

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Big Girl Poker: Guts Required. Sports Bra Optional.