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Poker ABCs – B is for Breathe

ShareRemember to BREATHE and move to the moment before you take ACTION. This is a good rule of thumb in life as well as at the poker table. Breathe deliberately three times like this: in slowly through your nose; hold for a slow count of five; then, release through your mouth, slowly and gently. Something […]

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Poker ABCs – A is for Action

ShareIn POKER, there are five ACTIONS: check, bet, fold, call, and raise. Whether at the poker table, or in your life, before you decide on what action to take, pause, and ask yourself, "Based on the information at hand at this moment in time, what is my correct action?" "Correct" is the operative word. You can […]

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Poker Strategy and Life ABCs

Just after Greg Raymer won the 2004 WSOP® Main Event Championship, I met him at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, CA. When I asked him what counsel he had for people learning to play poker, he said that players often feel they must use fancy moves to win at poker. When, in fact, ABC poker will usually get them much further, especially in tournament poker.

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Poker Coach or Poker Guru?

Imagine my surprise when I found the following private message in my Facebook account, “Are you the poker guru?” Some say I am, but I think of myself as a poker coach, who teaches poker as a personal-development tool. It is just a 2-degree difference in thinking that makes us either successful or a failure in life and at the poker table.

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Poker Tournament Rules Clearly Defined by the TDA

When I first started playing poker tournaments in 1996, there were no uniform rules… none! It seemed that every casino had its own idea of how to run a poker tournament, which made it not only confusing, but also often unfair. In 2001, four gaming professionals got together and decided to put an end to the chaos when they founded the Poker Tournament Directors Association, the TDA.

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Big Girl Poker: Guts Required. Sports Bra Optional.