PokerStars Cashout Received

If you still have funds in PokerStars and want to cash out, the fastest way is to have them send it electronically to a checking account. Even if you do not had a checking account registered with them, you can register one and process the request immediately.

Today, my cashout from PokerStars showed up in my checking account. I previously requested a cashout on April 15, which was rejected by email on April 21. Here is the notice PokerStars posted on their site:

Notice on PokerStars Site

An agreement has been reached with the US Department of Jusitce to allow United States PokerStars customers to cashout their funds. PokerStars will work diligently to expedite those withdrawals. All PokerStars player deposits are completely safe.

Early last Friday, April 29, I processed my cashout request on PokerStars. Today, four days later, the money showed up in my checking account.

I'm looking for the same fluid cashout process with FullTilt Poker.

Until next time, remember my motto…

When you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy

2 thoughts on “PokerStars Cashout Received”

  1. Joanne Tinsley

    I received my Pokerstars refund yesterday, too. I don't remember exactly  when I asked for it, but I think it has been about a week.

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