Poker Update: Tragedy or Blessing for US Poker Players Online

Listen below to today's LIVE, short interview with Martin Shapiro, Florida State Director of Poker Players Aliance. You can download an mp3 of the interview.

What do yesterday's actions by the FBI against Online poker sites mean to you as a US poker player?

It's time to do a mindsift about online poker.
It's time to step up and take action.

NOTE: once you click to listen, it takes a few moments to load.

You can make a difference by joining Poker Players Alliance today. Go to and join PPA… if you are a member for free, shell out the 20 bucks and become a premium member.

Go to this page where you can send a letter directly to President Obama, to your lawmakers in congress and in your state. The site even gives you talking points and sends the letters for you. You can add your on points or use its template.

Right now, we have a choice. We can either stand around blinking and wondering what just happened or take action to make our collective voices heard in Washington and in our states.

Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach &
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy(tm)

4 thoughts on “Poker Update: Tragedy or Blessing for US Poker Players Online”

  1. Christopher Krug

    This is a tragedy..we as americans in my opinion have the right to play poker online if we choose to…the government tries to control every aspect of our lives as it they are taking control of what we do online,when does it stop? Shouldn't as American Adults have the right to do as we choose…I feel we do.I shared this on my facebook wall.

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