Poker Tells Work in Real Life Too

Basic poker tells spill the beans at the poker table and in real life. Professional poker player Annie Duke shares her top 5 poker tells.

They are very basic poker tells that you will see more from amateur poker players than pros, but they will give you clues to the honesty of your partner, your children or a business associate.

For Poker Tells Overview See Below VIDEO

Annie Duke’s Top 5 Poker Tells:

  1. Look at eyes – bluffing, eyes blink fast means they are uncomfortable
  2. Go from the eyes to the mouth – pursed lips when bet usually means they are bluffing
  3. Look for self-soothing behavior – rubbing hand, rubbing leg under the table. Sign of bluffing. Tongue licking inside of mouth
  4. Sign someone has a strong hand… The “Tail Wagging” tell or “Happy Feet”… since people don’t have a tail to wag, they will tap their feet quickly when they are thrilled with their hand
  5. Another sign someone has a good hand… look at he body. Their entire stature rises when they are strong. Their posture will life up. Nose in the air, or eyebrows go up. If European, nose in the air is indication of a strong hand.

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Until next time, remember my motto:

If you can’t raise, don’t call.

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

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