Poker News – PPA Hosts Washington Fly-in May 24

This just in from Poker Players Alliance (PPA):
"PPA lobbying team, 30 PPA State Directors/Board members, and several poker pros will be meeting with targeted Representatives and Senators in Washington D.C. on May 24 with the intention of meeting with approximately 120 offices."
Since April 15, there has been a crush of emails and phone calls to Congress from concerned poker players. This PPA "Fly In" will keep up the grassroots pressure and will put a human face on the issue for members of Congress.
You can come, too!
Your Invitation to Come to Washington on May 24

I am personally encouraging any poker players, who are able to come to Washington D.C. on May 24, to come and meet face-to-face with your members of Congress. PPA will be providing information within the next few days so that you have all the tools you will need to set up your meetings.

PRESS Conference: The PPA will also host a public press conference on May 24 (Time to be determined). You are welcome to attend.
U.S. Capitol Poker Rally: If there is a groundswell of interest in coming to DC on May 24, this could very well become a poker rally outside the U.S. Capitol.
RSVP: If you think that you will come to DC, let PPA know by emailing them at dcflyin (at) thePPA (dot) org
Coordinate Meetings: If the PPA is already arranging a meeting with your Rep or Senator, when possible, they will coordinate their meeting schedules with yours.
Back-story: PPA had planned to hold this "Fly In" in September of this year. Given the recent events, they accelerated the timetable so that we can aggressively respond to the need for a regulated U.S. market place for the American player. 
This will be the third sponsored Washington D.C. "Fly In." Previous ones were in 2007 and 2009.
Until next time, remember my motto.
When you can't raise, don't call.
Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy

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