Poker Mirrors Life – Folding Pocket Aces Sucks

Poker players know how hard it is to fold pocket aces. I call that learning to release that which no longer serves you.
Knowing when to fold is a vital part of a becoming a consistent winner at the poker table. Knowing when to release anything in your life when it is time is one of the most challenging parts of life.

Over the years, I've learned that when I experience a loss in life or during a poker game, I have a choice. I can focus on the pain of the loss, or the guilt, or the blame.
On the other hand, I can make a conscious decision to look for the blessings and lessons. When lessons seem non-existent, I think of them as if they are poker tells hiding behind a stoic poker face. It is my job to recognize them even when they are micro tells, and they flash for only a fraction of a second.
This morning I choose to focus on the blessings Karina Lynn, our last Jack Russell Terrier, left in our lives.
I am grateful that the vet was able to meet us yesterday on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to help Katrina with her transition.
I am profoundly grateful that Katrina showed no fear.
I am grateful that peace was all around her.
I am grateful for the way she would jump and run to greet us every time we came home.
I am grateful for the beautiful mask on her face. She would have made a great poker player.
I am grateful for her ability to forgive me when I felt I could not forgive myself.
I am grateful for the way she lived in the moment. Every day was a new day.
I am grateful for how soundly she could sleep.
I am grateful for the way she would lay against the small of my back at night and take the pain away.
I am grateful that you allow me to share this with you.
As my husband, Gregory, flatly said yesterday on the way to the vet, "If there is a lesson here, I don't get it."
In time, I trust that will be revealed.
Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach

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