Poker Mindset – Which Side of Your Brain Do You Use at the Poker Table?

Poker mindset may depend on which side of brain you use.

Our brain is more than just a storehouse for information. It is our connection to energy. Since everything is energy, does that mean that our brain is our connection to everything?

I believe understanding our brain can help us become consistent winning poker players. What side of your brain do you use at the poker table and on a daily basis?

Find out in the 16-minute astonishing video. I just shared it with my mother, Mama Peggy, who is 85. She said it was one of the most touching videos she had every seen, and she said I had to post it for you to see. She said it can help people play better poker. I trust what she says.

VIDEO OVERVIEW: A few years ago, a brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, had the unique opportunity to study her own brain during a massive stroke. What she discovered is groundbreaking. Be patient. It gets really exciting after the first 2 or 3 minutes.

If this video affected you, please leave a comment below. Tell me what side of your brain you most often use, and how you might benefit from using the other side.

Until next time, remember my motto:

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins, Poker Mindset Coach
Dean of Poker Mindset Academy™

20 thoughts on “<h1>Poker Mindset – Which Side of Your Brain Do You Use at the Poker Table?</h1>”

  1. Well all I can say about this video is that it was well worth watching and very enlightening.  Awesome!!

  2. I am afraid after watching this that I let my brain dwell too much on the past and what has happened negatively in the past and not connect with the present and how the outcome can be different if I just change my action when playing tournaments. Does that make sense?

    1. It makes perfect sense, Joy. You may have heard me say that poker saved my life… it made me realize that the only thing I have control of is the cards life deals me in the moment.

  3. Gordon Wallace

    An amazing woman making an amazing presentation.  I was, and still am, truly moved.  She has my admiration in oh so many ways.  How long ago was this made, and what is she doing now?  Thanks for sending it Donna…

    1. You’re welcome, Gordon… Jill made this video in March of 2008. As of March 2011, she is speaking professionally and sharing her story around the world.

  4. Loved the message!  My mantra is Right here, Right now, just validates that I am on the right plane of consciousness.  Thank you for sharing

  5. WOW certainly worth watching.  I knew that we are connected but this really brought it home.  thankyou for sharing.

  6. ok donna not many people in my life haved moved me to tears. what a truly incredible person she is. in 2008 i was t-boned by a miami-dade county school bus while driving my daughter to school one morning. it took almost a year of physical therapy to recover, and my neurologist, dr. ray lopez, strongly suggested i learn to play a card game, such as poker, to help my memory loss. at first i thought he was crazy! turns out he's not. the accident itself gave me a whole new perspective on my life because it changed it so much. i can relate to jill very well. thank u for sharing this. and to answer ur question, i think i use my right side most!

    1. Your story is amazing Joanie! Poker literally saved my life by helping me move to the moment rather than focusing on my past mistakes.

  7. What an amazing video. As a poker player myself, I have been practicing meditation to keep my mind at ease and at focus while I am at the tables. I used to often associate myself too much to my ego and releasing that helped me become a better player, and more important a better person. As I watch videos like this it gives me inspiration to spread peace and love to everyone I come in contact with. I feel we are all part of a massive system that we can't begin to fathom but we are all in it together so we should treat each other well and enjoy our conscious experience of life!

    1. Tim, thank you, and you are rigth about how meditation can help us at the poker table. However, I resist using the ‘m’ word with my coaching clients. I call the techniques I teach Mindset Exercises.

  8. Truth is something that is very hard for a lot of folks to grab  and hold onto. Having controll of ones own thoughts requires that we be responceable for our oun thoughts and deeds and I'm afraid that a large number of people would rather blame others for their failures and will never accept the lesson from this vedio. How very sad for those people. Happiness is just a thought away.

    1. Very insightful, Al. Happiness is just a thought. Why else can you take two people in exactly the same circumstance, one miserable and the other gloriously happy? OK. so that might be drug induced (lol), but I’m taking about the natural high.

  9. I came here to watch a poker video or so I thought. In any event im glad I found this.. great stuff what a remarkable woman. you can tell by her reaction to the stroke shes a true scientist! ty for sharing.

    1. Thank you Adam for stopping by. Even tho’ this is not directly about poker, I believe understanding how our brain and mind works will help us at the poker table.

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