Poker Minds Turn to the WSOP

"At the 2007 Main Event, Day 1, first hand, Evelyn Ng sat to my immediate left… Ah crap! comes to mind." Donna Blevins

This time of year, poker minds turn to the World Series of Poker®. Whether this is your first or 15th time playing, you likely have the same nagging question in your mind. Even if you don't openly acknowledge it, I bet it is lingering in the shadows:

What if I go out the very first hand?

When I played in my first Main Event Championship in 2007, that head trash plagued me. As Evelyn Ng sat down directly to my left, the voices in my head got even louder. I remember it vividly. She was dressed all in black, was young, and, yes, she was gorgeous.

Over the years, we had met and briefly chatted in passing, but we did not know each other well. She came to the table with an iPod and ear buds. Evelyn greeted me silently with a friendly nod as she sat down. I remember her confident reserve.

When the action came to me on the first hand, I was in late position and everyone had folded. As I started to look at my cards, a part of me hoped I would see garbage. Then, I could fold without being a coward. Instead, I saw two face cards. Can’t tell you exactly which ones, because, frankly it was a blur.

Without a doubt, I threw off a huge tell as I raised. Everyone must have known I had cards because they instantly folded. When the dealer pushed the pot to me, I let out my breath with a big sigh and several of the players tittered with relief. It was almost as if everyone was saying, "The first hand is over, now we can play poker."

Tell me YOUR poker story. I'd love to include you in my next book. Go here and tell me. Please put "poker story" in the subject line.

Next time you wonder about what to do at the poker table

Remember, if you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach

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