Poker Make Simple: Three Easy Changes That Will Instantly Improve Your Poker Game

In April 2010, I received the following message through my Facebook page from a woman poker player I had just befriended:
"I just wanted to tell you I went on your website over the weekend, and I am using your poker mantra, "When you can't raise, you can't call!" I have it on a big note on my computer that I keep up when I am playing online… Have to say I've only lost 2 tournaments since then. Been winning a lot. It's a really great saying. I thought if one saying could have such an effect on my play, what would your class do for my game? I really would like to bring my game up to the next level."
This woman immediately went into our Poker Pure & Simple™ LIVE Poker Coaching Program the following week and has experienced some astounding results. It continues to amaze me how fast poker players can take their game to the next level… especially when they are open to coaching and to making changes in the way they think and in their actions.
I often feel like a proud parent. Hmmm… maybe my poker nickname is really Mother Poker.
One thing was certain about my new poker-playing Facebook friend. She was definitely ready to open up and grow. She put her immediate trust in our poker coaching program and in me, which makes her the perfect student and coaching client. She had all this raw potential just waiting for direction.
The first three changes she immediately made in her game were very simple and easy. However, they produced instant, positive measurable results.
Those are beautiful words… simple and easy… instant, measurable results.
Three Simple Changes Took Her Poker Game to the Next Level
  • She stopped chewing gum at the poker table
  • She waited to look at her hole cards until it was her time to act
  • She started watching the other players rather than the board cards as the cards came out
In future segments, watch for details about these three simple changes that you will instantly improve your poker game.
Until then, remember my motto:
If you can't raise, don't call!
Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach
aka Mother Poker

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