Poker Life Lesson – Excellence beats Perfection

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a project because you felt it was not good enough? Or, stuck in your poker game or at a point in your life because you felt you were not good enough? Well, I certainly have.

If I had waited for my LIVE poker-coaching program to be perfect, it would never have come online. Now midway through the second class, I'm hearing that what I viewed as imperfect, the class is experiencing as excellent.

After only three weeks of coaching, one player doubled his online poker bankroll twice in one day. With a simple shift in mindset, another began cashing in a majority of her sit'n'gos. Yet, another discovered that the cards weren't beating him, it was his ego.
During high school, I struggled to make the grades. College became a nightmare of C's & D's smattered with a few B's. Forget acing any classes!
If you looked at a graph of how I once viewed the 40+ years since I first stepped on a college campus, there would be way more F's than A's… I actually gasped when I saw that "40 plus" on the screen!
I've given lip service to "striving for excellence rather than perfection," but during the striving, I keep mislaying that truth. Now what mirrors back at me through my poker-coaching clients is that they are experiencing similar challenges.
The challenge of looking back at a screw up and finding the lesson… of looking back without judgment and then letting it go.
Without judgment… THAT is the key.
Regardless of where you are in your life or in your poker game, it's all about taking that next step towards excellent. Release that which no longer serves you.
Succeeding in life is just like folding a losing hand in poker. The sooner you fold the better.
Remember my motto:
If you can't raise, don't call.
Donna Blevins
Poker Coach
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"See" you there!

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