Poker Lesson – A Hack in Time

Poker lessons everywhere! Who would ever think that having your host server hacked could result in a right-on poker lesson?

One of the ways I coach my poker playing students is helping them hear that ever-so-tiny voice inside. Doyle Brunson even talks about it. Slightly paraphrased, he says it is likely our brains are acting like a computer and feeding us back information we did not realize we actually had.

Do you ever know that you know something, but still resist listening? Well, I certainly have! For the last couple of months of 2009, I keep sensing that I should move my site, then the server was hacked around New Years, and nearly 20 days of content went to the virtual world.

It is interesting that even though I had been telling my husband that I wanted to move the site, I was still putting it off. After the host was hacked, even thought he did not say, I told you so, he lovingly reminded me to listen to that voice and get it done. This site is now safely moved to its new host, and I am grateful for the reminder lesson.

  • What have you been putting off that your tiny voice has been nudging you to do?

Rather than resist, listen to the message. Just go and do it.

Speaking of a tiny voice, remember my motto…

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach

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2 thoughts on “Poker Lesson – A Hack in Time”

  1. Hi Donna!
    Boy, I know what you mean about not listening to that inner nudge and then, regretting it later! Seems like we more easily recognize it as such in hindsight. If only the nudge was more like a cattle prod!

  2. LOL, Jeanine!

    My cattle prod has taken the form of 2 X 4's smacking me in the forehead and huge billboards falling on my head when I don't listen! I'm made a deal to listen to whispers!

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