Poker Energy Team Portal for Ashira Lavine and Martin Shapiro

Playing winning poker takes more energy than most people think. I have been an athlete the majority of my life, and I believe poker takes more continual energy than any other sport. Think of a 3-day poker tournament as running three, full length marathons back-to-back.

This is an energy request for Ashira and Martin, both have finished day 1 in separate WPT main events. Ashira is in Atlantic City at Harrah's; Martin is in Tampa, Florida, at Hard Rock.
Below you'll find a specific Energy MindShift Exercise that will aid you in sending energy their way while raising your own energy level. That's an energetic Win-Win!

Please leave a comment below to join my Virtual Energy Team.

A Little History

When I competed in my first WSOP main event championship in 2007 before I had my first website, I sent emails to close friends asking them to join me and
be on my my Energy Team.

It was a simple concept. When I came to their minds, just think positive thoughts. People kept asking me what they might say, so I created a body-mind exercise to help focus the energy and added some words to say. People like scripts.

During the four days I was in the main event, it astonished me how waves of energy seemed to flow over me. Despite the fact that most days we played for 15 hours, I was always energized.

I remember the last break on day 1 was at 1am Las Vegas time. As I walked around, I kept hearing people say how tired they were and how they wished this day was over. I wonder how many of those people busted out before we finished day 1.

How to do the Energy MindShift Exercise

Bring the person to mind. If you do not know the individual personally, you can simply bring their name to mind.

As you smile broadly tap gently with two fingers over your thymus (in the center of your chest, just below the soft hollow below your throat).

As you tap, say “I am thrilled and elated that…”

To aid with your focus, below are photos of both Ashira and Martin with some sample words.

Energy Team Portal for Ashira Lavine (Her last name is La-vine like in grapevine)

“I am thrilled and elated that Ashira Lavine is making all the correct decisions in the 2011 WPT championship at Harrah's in Atlantic City, and that she is playing from her strength and power.”


Energy Team Portal for Martin Shapiro

“I am thrilled and elated that Martin Shapiro is making all the correct decisions in the 2011 WPT championship at Hard Rock in Tampa, and that he is playing from his strength and power.”

Please leave your comments below to help supercharge this energy portal.
Until next time, remember my mindset motto:

Play the cards life deals you as if you have already won.

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

18 thoughts on “Poker Energy Team Portal for Ashira Lavine and Martin Shapiro”

  1. Meditate not from the mind, but from the stomach, repeating this mantra: "Zhen, shen, mei" not thinking of the meaning (Perfectly true, pure, good) Play as if you know the outcome before it may well make you, "The last man standing". Knock em dead!

  2. For Ashira and Martin playing in the WPT tournaments. May all the chips you put in come back to you three fold and may all you choices be wise ones.

  3. this is a fabulous exercise, i already did it for your friends.  i plan on using this exercise for the rest of my days.  it is easy and doable. thank you, donna for this great, easy technique.

  4. Dear Ashira and Martin !
    I wish you wisdom , patience and of course first place finish for todays tournament.
    Good luck Wolf

  5. Ashira and Martin, This is your moment this is your time.  All of your decisions have brought you to this moment.  It is up to you to accept your winning the tournament.  It is yours for the taking. 

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