Poker Cruises – 3 Benefits of Poker at Sea

Poker cruises have distinct advantages to playing online poker or even to playing live in a card room or in a tournament venue. Following are only three of the many that come to mind.

First and foremost, a poker cruise is a perfect vacation, and people in the U. S. really need vacations. Period. Consider this fact – in 1980, people in 10 other countries lived longer than people in the United States. By 2008, people in 41 countries lived longer.

Why? Because we stress ourselves out and do not give our bodies, minds and spirits time to rest and recharge.

Second, most of the time during a poker cruise, you are out of range of your cell phone service. Once you get over the withdrawal panic, it can be a wonderful thing. We are in a multi-tasking world, and we feel we must do everything at one. Despite the fact that cell phones are prohibited at poker tables, there is still that nagging feeling that you must make a call, or that someone is trying to reach you. That will hurt your game and dilute your focus.

If you doubt that being out of range of your cell phone signal is a valuable benefit of poker cruises, see the first item above.

Finally, new players can learn to play poker in an environment where they have personal access to professionals. During onboard workshops and coaching sessions, both new and seasoned players can pick up pointers from poker pros. Players have often been reading these professional's articles for years, and finally they have the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best in the industry.

My first poker cruise was in 2000 to Alaska where I spent time with two of my dear friends, Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher. Affectionately known as the First Lady of Poker, Linda was the perfect host. She and Jan are two of the owners of Card Player Cruises, and they put on a top-notch cruise.

During that cruise in 2000, I first met Mike Caro and was able to spend some quality time with him in a workshop setting as well as at the poker table. Mike's work on Poker Tells is world famous, and he has a colorful history as well. I promise more specifics about Mike another day, however, it was that poker cruise environment that gave me the opportunity to get to know and bond with Mike as well as several other famous poker personalities.

I'm looking forward to working with several Florida based companies that have plans for 2010 poker cruises. I'm putting my money on this coming year as the turning point in our economy. I also expect it will be a terrific year for the poker industry and for poker in general.

If you are interested in upcoming poker cruises or in poker coaching, contact me here and I will forward more information as it comes available.

Remember, if you can't raise, don't call!

Donna Blevins
Poker Strategy Coach

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