Poker Coach Offers 50% Discount on Mobile Office

MindSet Moment:  I woke this morning to discover that during Tropical Storm Debbie’s 18-inch downpour over the last 24 hours, she had also managed to blow out a front passenger window on our 32’ mobile office, which is a converted Class-A Motorhome. You can image the puddles of water I found when I opened the door.

At the moment I made the discovery, I had a choice about how I responded to the situation. After the obligatory, fleeting, “Ah crap,” I settled into a calm resolve by detaching myself from the situation by doing a MindShift Exercise I teach my poker coaching clients: “Hmmm. Isn’t that Interesting.”

You see, I love our mobile office.

And being attached and possessive about anything is often destructive. It’s like getting cards you like and refusing to let go of them earlier rather than later.

You know what I mean. It’s that refusing-to-fold syndrome and hanging on too long.

Poker Coach Donna Blevins Mobile Office

Gregory, the pups, and I logged dozens of trips to poker tournaments in our rolling home-office, first as journalists, and then as poker tournament competitors. After a couple of trips with the pups, we yanked out the carpet and installed easy care vinyl. I never understood why any motor home had carpet anyway.

Early on, Gregory insisted we upgrade the standard 4-gallon water heater to a 10-gallon one with three ways of heating water. I must admit, I enjoyed always having hot water, too. We even put in a laundry center so we could wash our undies as we traveled down the road.

This morning, after walking around our mobile office with the “Hmmm. Isn’t that interesting” mindset, I came in for a cup of coffee and asked Mama Peggy about the weather cast for the day. She told me this lull would be followed by rain for the rest of the day and maybe into tomorrow.

That called for another, “Hmmm. Isn’t that interesting.”

Since one of our neighbors has a motor home garage and had sold their motor home, I headed down to see if I could rent their garage. As we all know, things expand to take up the space allowed. It was completely full of stuff.

“Hmmm. Isn’t that interesting”

Turning out of their driveway towards home, I spied the man, who helps Mama Peggy in the garden, and stopped to visit. Immediately he said he’d move his boat, and we could use his boat shed. In less than half an hour, we had our mobile office moved, and fans hooked up to dry everything out.

I know that poker has changed my life.

Competing at the poker table and poker mindset coaching has dramatically affected the way I react to every situation in my life.

Before poker, I would have reacted to a situation like this with something counterproductive like, “Why is this happening to me?”

Now, I detach and observe. I look for the blessings.

Blessing, you say. What can they be?

In this case, we decided it’s time to sell the mobile office and give someone a heck of a deal. RIGHT CLICK to download a pdf if you’re interested in a Mobile Office at a 50% Discount.

I’d been thinking about it but putting it off. You see, I love our mobile office, and I had been refusing to release it. Just like holding onto a poker hand after it no longer serves you.

It doesn’t serve us to hang onto it because I’m doing most of my traveling by myself these days. Gregory is tending to Mama Peggy and the pups while I’m gone, or maybe it’s vice versa.

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach &
Dean of Poker MindSet Academy

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20 thoughts on “Poker Coach Offers 50% Discount on Mobile Office”

  1. God Bless you Donna,
    sometimes the universe taps us gently into consciousness, sometimes she uses a 2 x 4

    Thank you for the inspiration

    1. Mike, I made a deal with the universe in 2006 that I no longer required 2X4’s or billboard signs falling on my head to get my attention. I would listen to whispers. Possibly, I might have allowed the daily static to drown out the whispers!


    1. You are welcome, Ed! Thanks for stopping by. It’s amazing how much more fun being calm is than being in a panic.

      Today I have a smile on my face as I read everyone’s comments… realizing this simple experience gave me the opportunity to reach our and share.


  2. I have recently started going through boxes of photos. I have been discarding duplicates and ones that just weren’t good to start with. I don’t need 45 pictures of an event or stage of growth for my children…perhaps only 15 will suffice. I have been practicing, too on letting go of small hurts and offenses. I find old ones cropping up now and then. They serve no purpose…so I want to let them go…no strings attached…

    I hope your mobile office becomes someone’s mobile travel space….Thanks for your cheery attitude in this…

    1. You are correct Cynthia! It is about letting go. I suppose it’s letting go so that we can grow and transform, like a butterfly.

      I’m grateful for your loving energy as well.


  3. Donna,

    Hope you and the family are safe! I really need to use your mindset in every facet of my own life. Makes sense, and does take the stress away…….

    1. Thank you Rick, my family is safe and dry. That is all that counts.

      Being conscious of our mindset is actually the key. When we ask ourselves “where am I” or “what am I thinking”, it brings us back to the present where we have the opportunity to shift our mindset.


    1. You’re welcome Chuck! It’s a wonderful place to be. We put so much loving energy into it.


  4. Donna,
    Thanks so much for sharing this story. I well forward it to my face book page and cross my fingers that you get a fast reply.
    I have learned to let thing move around me as they should and it really does give me a more positive free flowing energy in every thing I do.


  5. Pamela Lankford


    You article speaks exactly to what Joyce Lee taught us about the Law of Attraction (you remember I sent you the invite to sign up for her group and she always had tidbits of joy for us every morning on facebook). She taught us to find the joy in every situation and turn it into a blessing. Joyce would be so flattered that you have taken so many of her law of attraction teachings and used them in improving your poker game and coaching. I noticed shortly after you joined Joyce’s group you changed your titled to Poker Mindset Coach.

    We use what the universe puts out there for us. Didn’t Joyce say what we vibrate we attract? If we think we are going to have a winning session we will! We should never become too attached to things, The universe always has exciting new things in store for us. There are lessons to be learned from every situation. It’s all in how you chose to react. (Something else Joyce taught us).

    I’m so glad I introduced you to Joyce Lee and her teachings of the law of attraction. As a poker player I use her teachings every day. She is my silent coach at the poker table!

    1. what a wonderful comment Pamela! Thank you!

      Actually I have been a student of the law of attraction for many years. I so look forward to sharing much with you one day soon! I enjoy every connection, and Joyce Lee is a lovely soul

      This will resonate with you– it was my coaching clients who insisted I change my title. They kept saying I was more than ‘just a poker coach.’ They were the ones who dubbed me Poker Mindset Coach.

      Last January when I was in Las Vegas, Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson asked me to speak at a local poker group. I’ve known both since I first entered the poker industry in 1998, and I look up to both of them… well figuratively, Jan would say.

      Jan sent out an email intro to the group saying I was a poker coach and mindset expert. It felt very satisfying to have their acknowledgement.

      When I spoke, I focused on mindset with a group that is known for their serious approach to poker and was rewarded with enthusiasm that I was thrilling.

      Keep your vibrations high!


  6. Donna,
    I have been holding on to the thought that just because I didn’t win does not make me a loser. If i am happy with my play, that should be enough for me. I should not have to look to others for approval.

    I have also given up expectations of a big payout. I just take each hand as the come and live in the moment. If I put too much importance on the amount of money, I am devastated when I bust out. I sit there and think how lucky am I to be able to be playing this game that I love so much. As for bad beats or suckouts, I have learned that it’s just part of the game and if you can’t recover after a hit like that you should not be playing the game.

    Again poker mirrors life. I will not be a victim in life nor in poker. Thank you for your lessons Donna. xox

    1. Caryn,

      You are very welcome! Thank you!

      Living in the moment with the intention of making correct decisions is one of the keys to poker, and to life, for that matter.


      “I have also given up expectations of a big payout. I just take each hand as the come and live in the moment. If I put too much importance on the amount of money, I am devastated when I bust out.”

      I believe once we ‘place our order’, we must release the expectations of it. Focus on being in the flow and trust that your request is on its way.

      We must also be unattached to the outcome, while embracing gratitude, as you are doing, for your ability to play the game you love.


  7. I will be letting go of a lot of things soon. It will be a relief to let go of all of the clutter. I don’t want to end up like those poor, troubled souls on “Hoarders”. 😉

    1. Jo, I had a dream recently about getting rid of everything in the house… It was a bit alarmed when I woke up then an amazing peace came over me.


  8. Donna, you never cease to amaze me. I try to follow you activities here on Facebook. Is the Poker Tournement in Las Vegas over?

    1. Thank you Chuck! Yes, the World Series of Poker is still going on. the main event championship starts just after the fourth of july and plays down to the final 9 players, which takes 7 or 8 days.

      the main event championship is suspended until november. at that time the final table will be televised.


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