Poker Coach Meets Husband Online

Poker is a competitive sport requiring concentration and focus. That is one of the things I love about poker.

Poker tournaments are long and often go well into the early morning hours leaving little time for social gatherings. That is one of the things I like less about poker. Sure poker is, by its very nature, a social event, however, like every other profession there are tradeoffs.

This morning, when I sat down to check my emails, Twitter, and Facebook before I dash off to a $10,000 guaranteed poker tournament at Ocala Poker, I was delighted to find two emails from my husband as well as a love note on Facebook! How sweet is that!

Sure, he is sleeping soundly about 50 feet from me… and when I say 'soundly', believe me, he sleeps. He even slept through Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when its 120 mile-an-hour winds just missed our home in Florida!

It was especially heartwarming to find his public and private messages this morning. He even found a 1999 photo he took of me in front of the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi, and posted it on Facebook along with the caption: "My beautiful wife." He makes me blush! (My goodness, I looked like such a 'little girl!')

Our days and nights are turned around, so I may not see him until tomorrow, especially since my intention is to win the poker tournament. Not just play in it, but win it. That is not egotistical folks, that is a vital part of my poker strategy. And, it must be your state of mind… IF you plan on being a consistent winner at the poker table.

If you only say to yourself "playing" rather than "winning", which would be more likely to happen?

How do you think of yourself as you prepare for a poker tournament? Do you see yourself struggling to amass poker chips, or do you see yourself breezing through the levels controlling the tables?

Here's the email message my husband sent me as his thought for today:

  • Practice Makes Perfect

  • Perfect practice makes for perfect results

  • Repetition makes for consistent results

  • Imperfect practice makes for imperfect results

He is so wise.

I am a lucky, lucky woman!

Today in your poker games and in life, remember my motto:

If you can't raise, don't call!

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach, Speaker and Consultant

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