Poker Book Review

When Gus Hansen first published the poker book Every Hand Revealed in 2008, I got it and spent the better part of a week absorbing it. I was thrilled with the close-up look at the motivation behind much of Gus' action at the poker table. It gave me valuable insights that helped me open up my personal poker game.

Recently, I recommended this book to a relatively new poker player, who later said he just didn't get it, and he gave it away. So, this week, I pulled the book off my shelf and revisited it.

Do I still recommend this poker book? Absolutely.

Do I recommend this poker book to players new to poker? Maybe, IF, and this is an important if, they have the patience to work through each hand AND are serious about their game. They also must have a full understanding of how the physical aspects of Texas Hold'em, the importance of position, the value of the check-raise, and so on.

Certainly, going through 329 hands can be tedious; however, Gus' comments on every hand are priceless. Often he gives What-if's as well as his optional actions. Sure, it took me nearly a week to absorb the book, because I would carefully go through 50 or so hands and lay the book down. It is not a quick read, nor is it intended to be a casual read.

Who can benefit most from this book: Poker players who want to get into the mind of a world-class poker player and take their game to the next level.

Until next time, remember my motto:

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach, Speaker and Consultant

NOTE: I am referring this poker book because I own it, have read it and personally benefited from it. If you decide to purchase this book through my link, Amazon will pay me a referral fee. Even though it is a tiny referral fee, I thank you in advance for using my link. Donna

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