Poker ABCs – D is for Vitamin D

If you go on tilt at the poker table or in the conference room, people usually just think you're a jerk. Who would ever imagine that it's because you rarely see the light of day and have a Vitamin D deficiency?
Several years ago, I heard a TV doc say that Vitamin D was not just for bone health, it was also one of the most powerful healing chemicals in our body. He went on to recite a long list of features and benefits of Vitamin D. Three got my attention:
1. A lack of Vitamin D can contribute to depression and mood swings
2. Virtually every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors and must have Vitamin D to function at their peak
3. Our skin makes Vitamin D naturally as a response to sunlight, but it cannot create it on its own
Around the same time that I saw this on TV, I ran into a poker player acquaintance, who had been playing full time for about 12 months. He had always been a solid player and made a good living playing cards, looked healthy and was pleasant at the table.
The next time I saw him, a little more than a year later, he was short tempered, and his face was an ugly, grayish color. He frankly looked sick.
I asked his wife how much time he spent outside in the daylight, and she said none. He played until the wee hours of the morning, came home, slept until dark, then went back to the card room. Once I told her about what I had just heard about Vitamin D and its impact on our overall well being, she vowed to get him outside once a day.
She did just that. He now looks and feels better, and his poker game has dramatically improved.
Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition. It may also be another important part of playing winning poker.
Until next time, remember my motto:
If you can't raise, don't call!
Donna Blevins
Poker Coach
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2 thoughts on “Poker ABCs – D is for Vitamin D”

  1. Donna — you've inspired me!  I going up to my office building's rooftop right now to get a few minutes of "D-light"!

    1. Hi Cindy – Wonderful! It’s funny, but posting this even reminded me to take some time for myself and take a walk outside. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment… love your “D-light”!

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