Poker ABCs – B is for Breathe

Remember to BREATHE and move to the moment before you take ACTION. This is a good rule of thumb in life as well as at the poker table.
Breathe deliberately three times like this: in slowly through your nose; hold for a slow count of five; then, release through your mouth, slowly and gently. Something amazing will happen to your consciousness.
It may even make the other players at the table think you have lost your cool. When in fact, you just located it!
Here's another technique that has helped me take control of my feelings and actions at the poker table. The next time you have that sinking feeling, rather than attempt to dismiss it, breathe into it. It just is. It is not you. It is just a fleeting feeling. However, that sinking feeling may be a signal from your subconscious that something is out of balance.
In my live poker coaching program, I share some other techniques to control your emotions and avoid tilt during a poker tournament. To find out more go to: Poker Pure and Simpletm
Whether at the poker table or in life, the next time you are faced with a decision, remember this. Take a moment and move to your center. Breathe in and out. Then, take action, knowing that you are making the correct decision based on the information at hand.

Until next time, remember my motto:

If you can't raise, don't call!

Donna Blevins
Poker Strategy Coach

2 thoughts on “Poker ABCs – B is for Breathe”

  1. Another great one Donna!  I always say.. Stop, look and listen.. (Figured the breathing was on auto pilot) but you are right!  Take a breath. 
    For a girl.. you sure do know your poker.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tom!
      While breathing is something we take for granted, it RE-ACTs
      first to stress… and it does not have to be life or death stress…
      just every day, ordinary decision-making situations will affect
      our breathing.

      PS… That’s why this is called BIG GIRL Poker

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