Plan Your Poker Strategy for 2010

What do you do when you misplay a poker hand? Do you berate yourself for screwing up, or do you go about fixing where you goofed?

Well, folks, I mishandled this post. It was originally posted on New Year's Eve and went to cyber heaven when the host server was hacked. I failed to send myself an email of the new post while on the road, thinking I would do it right away after I got home. A few hours passed, then a day or two, and before I knew it, the post was gone forever.

That is kind of like a new year. Maybe, you made some resolutions. Some you may stick with, but most of them you will likely disregard as the year gains energy and the events of your daily life crowd out your good intentions. Before you know it, the year is over and gone.

Fourteen days have already passed. Rather than look back at the end of December and wonder where the year went and why your poker game has not improved over the year, make a plan for a different outcome. You can control the results, but you must first have a plan.

Three parts to any plan:

  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What is the best route to get there?

Once you make the plan, there is another vital step:

  • Act on the plan.

That is the single biggest reason people fail. They fail to act, generally feeling that they are not ready, or that everything is not yet perfect.

I've taken that to heart over the last 18 months. I wanted to bring my poker coaching to the virtual world, but I was trying to make my programs perfect before I came online.

Life is not about perfection. It is about striving for excellence.

A new year brings celebration. There is something uplifting about being able to start over. Maybe it's that rebirth of hopefulness. Just like sitting down at the beginning of a poker tournament.

I am certainly hopeful that you will plan your poker strategy for 2010. Then, take action and work that plan. If you find you could use some guidance and direction, I'm here to coach you through that plan.

Remember my motto is:

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Strategy Coach

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