Mystery Woman Wins Way into WSOP Ladies Event

Just got a call from Las Vegas from one of my new coaching clients, who I will simply call Angela. She won her way into the WSOP Ladies Event that starts at noon Nevada time! I am so proud of her, and I would appreciate you sending Angela your positive energy by leaving a comment below.

We spent 27 minutes on the phone getting her mindset and strategy prepared for the event. That is the normal time for such a call. I'd like to tell you how a pre-event call might go.

First, I'll tell you how she won her way into the Ladies Championship. After that, I will share with you three things we might do during a private coaching call prior to an event.

How she won her entry: Since Angela is very new to live poker, she traveled to the WSOP with one intention ~ to cash in a single event. The first day, she played in a $75 mega satellite and won a $500 buy in chip. Thrilled and elated, she decided she would add $500 of her own money and buy into the Ladies Championship that starts at noon today.

However, yesterday, the second day she was there, she played in another $75 mega satellite and won another $500 buy in chip. Bravo!

More than anything, this has created a mindset shift. Now she believes she deserves to be there, which will enhance her performance over the next two days in the Ladies event.

At the heart of our success is the belief that we deserve to win. It's as if that gives us permission to win.

What happens during a private coaching call before an event: Let's pretend you and I are on a pre-event coaching call. Keep in mind that this must be done relative quickly without any sense of being rushed. There is much more to the call, however, I will give you a look at three parts of what we do.

Ground rule: In order to keep us on track, I might use the focus word "tag," which you understand, and you have given me permission to use. Saying "tag" is a way of gently interrupting and pulling you back to the subject at hand or of alerting you that you have just said something that can under mind your confidence.

This is just a partial view of what a pre-event coaching call might look like:

1. Determine your mindset. What is going on in your head right now that will support you during the event, as well as what is roaming around that can sabotage your efforts. Once you understand the fundamentals, poker is a mindset game.

2. Set your intention for the event. You might instantly say that your intention is to win the event. Of course, we all intend to win, however, in order to be a consistent winner, we must set our intention to make correct decisions in the moment.

That "in the moment" mindset is likely the most important part of becoming a consistently winning player. With each hand that is dealt, each bet that is made, each player that busts out, each player that comes to the table, and as the chips move around the table, energy changes.

I say that a poker game is like navigating thru a mind field that is a mine field. It is like dancing the tango. You have to listen to the music, because the music will tell you when you must pivot on your foot and go in an entirely different direction.

3. Bring you to center and set your mind words for the event. We are a slave to our mind chatter. Unless we consciously set our mind words, we are doomed to continually repeat our mistakes while judging ourselves for our failures.

Poker mirrors our life.   

Have you ever known anyone who constantly wondered why they repeatedly attracted the wrong people into their lives? It's often apparent in personal relationships. I used to say that I had an 'asshole magnet' neon sign flashing on my forehead. I was actually proud of it. I said it, and guess what? That's who I attracted, until I changed my words.

My mind words that will set yourself up to win are simple, yet powerful.

Calm, Easy, Trust

Calm to replace any sense of urgency.

Easy to replace any need to push.

Trust your read.

Will share more with you next time. Until then, remember my motto…

When you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Dean of Poker Mindset

12 thoughts on “Mystery Woman Wins Way into WSOP Ladies Event”

  1. Brenda Weeaks Wanner

    OMG!! I'm lovin' this!!!!! I slowly absorbed and then clung to each syllable of every word! Thank You, Donna!! Next, all my best energy and vibes are currently flowing to Angela as at this very moment, she is sitting at a table, making correct decisions and winning!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Brenda! I know Angela is feeling your uplifting energy, and I appreciate you stopping by and relishing every word. This is what creating an Energy Team is all about. I call it the Poker E-Team. 🙂

    1. Wonderful hearing from you in Australia, Peter! Angela will be thrilled that her E-Team spans the globe.

  2. Angela, WOW, you won two (2) $500 tournament chips. That is absolutely fantastic. 
    We are all rooting for you and sending positive energy to you.

  3. I don't want to wish my life away, but I wish it was time for my next tournament. Going thru withdawl since returning from Vegas so I'm sending Angela all my pent up energy to help her win her tournament. Get'm girl.

    1. When you are frustrated about not being able to play, Joy, it is a great time to dedicate to training.

    1. Some people might say it Angela was lucky… I say yes, she is lucky because luck is where preparation and opportunity intersect!

    1. There’s always plenty of time for sending good energy, Joanne! Angela will be in Las Vegas for another week. Hold her in your thoughts.

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