Monday MindSet Moment – How to Use Your Body-Mind Connection to Shift Your MindSet

Our mindset on Monday sets the tone for our week. It’s as if we get the chance every week to begin anew—to set aside the struggles of last week or the chores of the weekend. I like that!
It’s even been said that when we want to change a habit, or form a new one, it will stick better when we make that change on a Monday. I really like that!
If you have a crappy poker session, think of it as your “Poker Monday”… your opportunity to start fresh. I’ve often called poker the Great Adult Do-Over.
When any of us approach the game as a new beginning without hanging onto our past mistakes or imagined bad beats, we are far more likely to have a winning session.
Mindset shifting takes only a brief moment, but we shoot ourselves in the foot when we allow our mindset to spin out of control, replaying what we did wrong rather than celebrating what we did correctly.

Here’s my Monday Mindset Moment for this week:
If you find yourself in a do-loop of self-criticism, get up and walk away. Shake it off and reboot. I mean literally get up out of your seat. Stand up and take a short walk.

The physical action of getting up serves three purposes.
  • It engages our powerful body-mind connection
  • It disconnect us from stoking the fire of a self-defeating mindset moment
  • It moves us toward a different energy and shifts our mindset

Our mindset is a habit, and we can instantly shift our mindset. We choose how we play the game.
Take a moment. Get quiet and ask yourself: What mindset would I like to shift right now?
Listen. What comes to mind?
Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

12 thoughts on “Monday MindSet Moment – How to Use Your Body-Mind Connection to Shift Your MindSet”

  1. Being broke at the end of the month comes to mind. An old friend of ours, Warren Harding,  Told me once when I complained of being poor, he said, "Al you're not poor, you're just broke." Broke doesn't last, poor just might if you acknowledge it and give it power. Ever since then I've lived like I am a millionaire even when I'm broke!


    1. I remember Warren very well, Al. He actually planted the seed for one of my MindShift Exercises that I’m sharing during my 10-Minutes-a-Day MindSet Magic program starting January 2, 2012. Being broke is entirely different from being poor. You are right!

  2. Walking around is a good idea, If  for a brief moment to clear the cobwebs of a bad beat or just to reflect and say , hand over, lets start a new.  If you dwell, as most sometimes do, then the bad beat of before can be the bad beat of now. 

  3. i appreciate your technique, moving your body is a great way to shrug it off.
    we can all use a way to get where we have to be, and this really  helps,
    thanks, donna,

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