Monday MindSet Moment – I Resolve to Laugh

Are you too serious at the poker table and in life? I know I often am.
Let’s just have some fun today. I’m looking for New Year’s resolutions that will really make me laugh. I haven’t found any seriously laughable ones. I’m looking for a belly buster.
It’s simple. Laughing is one of the quickest ways to shift your mindset, and laughing is healing.
You’ve likely heard the famous stories of people, who actually healed themselves by watching only funny moves.
Laughing raises our energy and lifts our spirit. I know I love it when I laugh, I bet you do too.
With that in mind, I wanted to share one of my favorite MindShift Exercises.

MindShift Exercise
1.   As you take a deep breath, lift your right hand up to your right shoulder.
2.   Start laughing.
3.   Continually slap your right knee with your right hand.
4.   Laugh some more
5.   Repeat steps 3 & 4

Heard any New Year’s resolutions that made you laugh out loud?
Not just giggle, I mean throw your head back and laugh with full abandon. I invite you to share them below.
Until next time, remember my mindset motto:
Play the cards life deals you as if you’ve already won.
Donna Blevins MindSet Coach
Creator of New MindSet Magic

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10 thoughts on “Monday MindSet Moment – I Resolve to Laugh”

  1. Laughing….HA! Who'd ever thunk it?!?!? Smartest man in 3 states and the District of Columbia! 

    Being able to laugh at ourselves is pure and clean fun! thanks for sharing, Donna!

  2. Thanks for the big smile, Donna.  Couldn't help but grin at how simple this exercise is yet how much fun.  That slapping of the knee does generate a smile or a laugh 🙂  Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Donna — what a great reminder of the benefits of laughing — especially those belly laughs that take us to another realm! Before I tried your exercise yesterday,  I read that kids laugh 400 times a day… and adults about 17 times.  So, if that's even remotely accurate, I think we big girls (and boys) need to lighten up and laugh at ourselves and life more often! Because laughing children are bold, curious, confident — and probably that's partly true because they're taking themselves lightly. Here's to more knee slapping and and uproarious laughter in 2012! 

    1. WOW, kids laugh 400 times a day vs. adults about 17! The numbers are startling. I resolve to laugh more often and louder.

  4. That was fun, still have a big Cheshire Cat smile on my face. Great way to start the New Year. Heck, it's a great way to start every day and every challenge.

    1. OK, gotta tell everyone. Even tho’ Gregory is my husband and the Coach’s Coach, we rarely talk about what we are posting on our separate blogs. When I walked into his office this afternoon, he was slapping his knee and throwing his head back roaring with laughter. In an instant, I was engaged in the process and laughing along with him.

      Have to love how powerful our Body-Mind Connection is!

  5. I am a very serious person, at the table and in life.  Do take bad beats on the felt, and that is poker.  Sometimes those bad beats are not laughable, but.. somtimes you have to let them go and kinda of chuckle. 

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