Monday MindSet Moment-How to Have a Winning MindSet in 2012

Donna Blevins Mindset Coach give you a MindSet GiftToday is the last Monday of 2011, and it is a precious day for re-setting our mindset. Today starts the week in-between Christmas and New Year’s, which for me is a time to look back at the previous year with gratitude and forward with joyful anticipation.

Below you will find 3 Mindset Moment steps to help you make a smooth and fluid transition into a prosperous, joyful, and healthful 2012. That's what I call winning, and they are my gift to you!

Think of this week as our time to debrief our life and renew our mindset, just like we might debrief after a business transaction, or as I teach my poker coaching clients to debrief after a poker session.

My intention is to give you the tools so that you can let go of guilt, judgment, and blame. They are what I call T3, The Terrible Trinity. They undermine our self-respect and self-esteem.

MindSet Moment, Step 1

Look Back Over This Past Year

Ask yourself these three questions. Take the time to write down the answers:

  • What did I do correctly?

  • What might I have done differently?

  • What might I do in the future?

As someone said on Facebook today, this week is “a time to let go and move into a brand new mindset to create, to be more, and, a time to add more depth, color, and vitality. This week is my planning time for all of that and having FUN!”

I liked that.

Today started with a sigh of relief for me, because finally I’m back at my computer. It was been down with a resistant virus that first attacked over a month ago and kept rearing its ugly head.

Surprisingly, I am grateful that virus attack happened. How can I possibly find the gratitude in that month-long attack, you might ask? That’s easy.

Since I moved my workstation to Mama Peggy’s computer that I had I set up for her in an office area beside our kitchen, it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with her. We’re both early riser, but usually I’m tucked away in my private retreat working on one of my books, writing an article, or recording a training module.

I realized how insulated I had become from Mama Peggy even tho’ we’ve shared the same home since 2002. This last month gave us quality time together and reminded me what a treasure she is. We have even once again begun taking daily walks together.

MindSet Moment, Step 2

Think Back at This Past Year

  • What is the first thing that comes into your mind that you thought was a bad thing.

  • In your mind’s eye, step back and look at it with detached interest and say, “Hmmm… isn’t that interesting?”

  • Turn your body 45 degrees to the right and ask yourself, “Where is the good in that?”

  • Take a moment, get quiet, and listen.

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind?


MindSet Moment, Step 3

Look to the Coming Year

This is the exercise I shared with my 1-on-1 coaching clients this past Thursday. May you engage in the process and may it also bless you.

You know what they say, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Before you begin, give yourself permission to discount what you consider reality. Allow yourself to dream.

  • Think in terms of where you would like to be in your life within 12 months. Spend some time accessing what my husband Gregory, the Coach’s Coach, calls the abyss– that place where you connect to your higher wisdom and ask:

    "What would I like 2012 to look like for me?"

  • Once you ask, watch and listen for an answer.

  • Sometimes, it comes in a thought, sometimes in a sign on the side of the road, or sometimes in a flash of inspiration. Regardless, when you ask, you will get an answer. Write it down.

  • When you get a clear picture for the 12 months, or even if it is still fuzzy, write down what would need to happen for you to accomplish that.

As Mama Peggy says, “Give wings to your dreams.”

Until next time, remember my mindset motto:

Play the cards life deals you as if you’ve already won.

Donna Blevins MindSet Coach
Creator of New MindSet Magic

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Go here for a special report with 3 of my MindShift Exercise and information about the program. Invest in your self. You deserve it!

10 thoughts on “Monday MindSet Moment-How to Have a Winning MindSet in 2012”

  1. Great News Donna! 2012 will be a stellar year, laying the foundation to begin assisting anyone afflicted with PTSD or other stress-related disease. I am moving to N Myrtle Beach shortly and have been teaching the qigong discipline at a nice yoga studio, which is working out very well!
    Have a lot more to share about all that is happening! Many thanks for your positive sentiments! wishing you a fabulous New Year and beyond!

    1. That is great news for 2012 Chuck! As you know I have a poker therapy program that I do for US Veterans that have both Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. The linear aspects of the game are proving to be profoundly effective in helping the Traumatic Brain Injury Vets relearn organization and money management skills that help them transition back into society. I expect 2012 will be a monumental year!

  2. Thank you very much Donna for sharing such very insightful article. You really give me the proper guidance on how I must manage my life for the in coming year. 
    I agree with you,  we need to look back how far we been through in our previous years and thank for the great achievements we did and if we failed to do things you want to do, we must plan again to make  our another year be more fullfilling. In that way we find meaning of our existence in this world.
    I like your word about making plan…Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Donna, thank you for your thoughts, It does make you sit back and try to plan what you would like to accomplish in the next year. I do not use the term Goals, because when you hit that Goal  , there is nothing left.
    "Some Where Over the Rainbow" the pot of gold awaits

    1. Never thought of the word “goal” as being a limiting word, but you make a good point, Steve. Making a plan is much more expansive.

  4. Hi Donna,  Thanks for a nice meditative review of the past year and the year ahead. It looks like a year filled with good!
    Happy New Year to you and Gregory and Mama Peggy!


    1. You are welcome, Ed. Thank you for stopping by. I am excited about our MindSet Program that is launching Monday Jan 2, 2012. What a fabulous way to start the new year!

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