Monday MindSet Moment – How to Turn a Loss into a Win from the Boardroom to the Poker Table

Mindset matters in the boardroom, in the bedroom, and at the poker table. Whether we are negotiating a business deal, communicating with our partner, or playing poker, our mindset determines how we view what is going on.

Sure it sucks to lose, however, as Mama Peggy always says, “Shake it off and get on with it.”

I used to think that meant just forget about it, however, I now realize that in her infinite wisdom, Mama Peggy was telling me to shift my mindset… to shift my energy.

When I played my first single table tournament in 1996 and finished 4th out of 10 players, I felt like a winner. Despite the fact that only the top 3 players were paid, in my own mind, I had won. I can still remember how good that felt. My energy was up.

When I finished in the top 4 women out of 6,358 players in the 2007 Main Event Championship, I can still remember how crappy that felt when I busted out. I was unbearable to live with for a full two weeks afterwards. Just ask my husband, Gregory! My energy was way down.

What made the difference?

The way I looked at my experience. Maybe it's as simple as the glass half full or half empty analogy.

Yesterday, I asked you to join my Virtual Energy Team for Ashira Lavine and Martin Shapiro, who were competing in separate WPT main events in different cities. Each had successfully made it to day 2.

They both cashed and finished in the top 10% of the field! That's fabulous, but I could hear the disappointment in their voices when I spoke with each of them by phone just after they finished.

You can use the body-mind connection I talked about yesterday to send energy to others regardless of where they are. You can also use it to shift your own energy.

If you find this MindShift Exercise helpful, please leave a comment.

Monday MindShift Moment

How to Do the Personal Energy MindShift Exercise

When you realize you have just slipped into low energy, or you find yourself in a blue funk, you have taken the first step. You are listening to your energetic radar.

  • Take three slow, deep cleansing breaths.
  • Forgive yourself for being there.
  • As you smile broadly tap gently with two fingers over your thymus (in the center of your chest, just below the soft hollow below your throat).
  • As you tap, say “I am thrilled and elated that…”

In that moment that you smile and find words to complete the empowering sentence, you have raised your energy.

The key: Rinse and repeat often.

Until next time remember my MindSet Motto:
Play the cards life deals you as if you have already won.

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

10 thoughts on “Monday MindSet Moment – How to Turn a Loss into a Win from the Boardroom to the Poker Table”

    1. You’re right Linda! Since poker mirrors life, I find these mindshift exercises are so easy to practice in poker then take into my life.

  1. Thanks Donna for having such a nice friendly and positive attitude, that which I am lacking but need to develop, and for all the great poker instruction you have freely given.

    1. You are welcome Michael. You say you lack a positive attitude and want to develop one. That in itself is the first step. Once we realize something is lacking, we must first forgive ourselves for that.. Then, all we need do is turn our attention to what we would prefer to possess and set that as our intention.

  2. I agree with what you are say, it is so important no matter how badly things go to stay positive at all times, if you know you played your A game, then you should be happy with the way you played not the outcome.  It is important to take a moment and reflect on how you did and not beat yourself up, there is always another game, always another opportunity the important thing is to never quit or keep trying 🙂

    1. Jackie, I believe it is important to reflect with every outing. I call it debriefing. What did I do correctly? What might I have done differently? What might I do in the future to be more productive?

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