How Does LIVE 1-on-1 Group Poker Coaching Work?

Poker players often want to know how we do poker coaching. We do it both privately and in 1-on-1 group sessions. Before I explain how we can have 1-on-1 individual poker coaching within a group setting, let me share with you what our coaching clients say about the experience.

Our coaching clients tell us that during these LIVE group poker coaching sessions, their ability to listen while other people are being coached is certainly game changing, and frequently, life changing.

It's pure and simple. Other poker players probably share similar struggles to the ones you face in your quest to become a consistent winning poker player.

Above all, it's a proven method. When people learn from other player's successes and challenges, they don't have to make the same mistakes others made while fast tracking their own personal poker game. Many people say that this process empowers them when they realize that they are not alone.

How we do our LIVE 1-on-1 group poker coaching:

We connect by way of a specialized webinar platform that is easy to use for the members. We recommend using USB headsets rather than phones to avoid the brief time delay often caused by phones. This interface allows us to connect simultaneously with clients from around the glove.

After checking everyone's connection before we begin, we unmute one person at a time. We keep the groups small so that each person gets high quality, individual time.

As an added bonus during coaching, everyone sees my screen. At the beginning of each coaching session, I put up a short presentation to help get their mindset focused. I also take notes for everyone to see during the sessions and send the notes to the members afterwards.

Because I'm naturally a note taker, at first it was intended to made sure that what I heard was what the coaching client meant. Over time, I discovered that everyone appreciated the instant, visual feedback. It has become a way of mirroring and echoing back to make sure each coaching client's needs are being met.

This type of LIVE, real time poker coaching is new to the poker world. I also believe this is the only poker coaching program with this type of customized personal attention, which is available to all levels of poker players.

In addition to the group poker coaching, our premiere clients also receive a minimum of one, private 1-on-1 session each month.

Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach

PS: If you're thinking about poker coaching, feel free to contact me here. In the subject line, please put "tell me more about poker coaching". Your message will come directly to my personal email, and I want to be sure to recognize it.

2 thoughts on “How Does LIVE 1-on-1 Group Poker Coaching Work?”

  1. I definately need help with my game so I can become comfortable with the higher buy-in levels live and online.  Please tell me more about poker coaching.  TYVM

    1. You are smart Jay to get comfortable before you move up in levels. Rushing your play is one of the ways people lose a lot of money. I will contact you directly at the email you left and tell you more about my poker coaching approach. The bottom line is that I help you find your authentic game so that you can play from your strengths rather than you weaknesses.

      Donna… the Poker Mindset Coach

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