Full Tilt Charity Tournament Today

Poker forums are a great way to connect with other poker players as well as pull people together for a great cause. Today, at 2pm EDT, Full Tilt Poker is hosting a charity tournament sponsored by PokerNations forum to benefit PokerGives.

PokerGives.org was founded by four of the icons in the poker industry. I am honored to call these four special people my friends:

Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher and Lisa Tenner.

Bravo to PokerNations.com, PokerGives.org and FullTiltPoker.net.

If you have put off getting a Full Tilt account, take action right now so you can play in today's charity event. Here's my online poker resource page if you need a quick way to download their software and get the latest bonus.

Today and everyday when you sit down at the poker table, remember my motto:

"When you can't raise, don't call."

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach

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