Florida Poker – ‘Meet the Pros’ Boot Camp April 9, 2011, at Derby Lane in St Petersburg

Meet the Pros Poker Boot Camp

This event is past. Just ask for your free mini course in the right hand column, and I’ll notify you when we schedule another one.

At 6’5, I look up to few people; however, I look up to Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher, two giants in the poker world. I am thrilled and elated to share the stage with both of them during our live poker workshop at Derby Lane in St Petersburg, Florida, on April 9, 2011. They are flying in especially for the event.

Despite the fact that Jan Fisher fits neatly under my armpit, and I affectionately call her “Munchkin,” she is one of the keenest minds in poker today! Her poker skill and wisdom is only surpassed by her wit.
Don’t know if Linda Johnson knows this, but she wrote the very first poker column I ever read when I began learning how to play poker back in 1996. She was the publisher of Card Player Magazine and already known as “The First Lady of Poker.”
I remember the excitement I felt when I met Linda and Jan in 1999. It was at the Silver Star Casino in Philadelphia, Mississippi, during my first major poker tournament.
I hesitate going on about either of these two mega minds of poker for fear of slighting either of them. I will simply say that if you are able to attend the ‘Meet the Pros’ Poker Workshop that starts at 1pm on April 9, 2011, you will have a rare treat.
The Florida Chapter of Poker Players Alliance is hosting the boot camp. PokerDawgs.net is hosting the charity tournament.

You might even win a pro bounty by knocking out either of the three of us during the charity poker tournament that follows the boot camp. The tournament will benefit Special Olympics FloridaBring it on!

This event is past. Ask for your FREE mini course at the top the right hand column, and I’ll notify you when we schedule another one.

Until next time, remember my motto…

When you can’t raise, don’t call.
Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach
Dean of Poker MindSet Academy


1 thought on “Florida Poker – ‘Meet the Pros’ Boot Camp April 9, 2011, at Derby Lane in St Petersburg”

  1. The combined experience of these three talented and knowledgeable "Poker Stalworths" will provide anyone attending their boot camp with an opportunity to tap into a source of information only gained by seeing hundreds of thousands of hands dealt to them and others, analyzed by forum groups and other pro's, discussed and published.
    You could pass up this training if you are in Seattle, but if in the Florida area (and I mean in states bordering Fla), get a spot reserved today.  I can attest first hand that the materials these woman possess will take you to the next level (if you put forth the equal effort they will provide in presenting you this information) at this "Boot Camp."

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