Every Poker Action is a Business Decision

Today one of my poker-coaching clients emailed me about cashing in a micro poker tournament freeroll on a small online site where we are affiliates. She put the "Laughed Out Loud" shorthand after her message… suggesting that the win meant very little because the payout was insignificant.
This was my response to her:
"Cashing in a micro poker tournament is more important than you may realize.
This is part of the process of separating yourself from the results and playing your best poker game. It is a vital part of having a winning poker mindset.
Since these are tiny payouts, it is human nature to discount the value of each decision. When in fact, each decision at the poker table is a business decision.
It is part of developing the habit of playing winning poker."
When in doubt about any action at the poker table, remember my motto:
If you can't raise, don't call.
Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach
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2 thoughts on “Every Poker Action is a Business Decision”

  1. I don't have the time to play tournaments as I wish I could, but I teach my clients to practice, practice, practice, and no matter the stakes, play as if you were playing in the WSOP. 

    Just because others in the micro-limits play foolishly, you don't have too! 

    There are many inexperienced players in the WSOP too, how on earth are you going to navigate them waters without practice.  Playing only top flight players is great, but playing the masses teaches you more patience and discipline than you will ever need.

    (I would not encourage you to sit at a table with the top 9 players in the world in you are #10)

    Just as you would have it, I played the other nite (very rare for me), and I have a target on my back and for the second time in a month, my opponents concentrated on knocking me out instead of playing "their" game.  There is a difference and when they play that way, it makes it easy for me to run my "game" on them.

    Dear Player (Teach)

    You're a winner of the PRIVATE tournament "Twisted Turbo Freeroll" on 2010-08-08 23:00:00!

    You came in 1 place. Congratulations!
    WINK! (It's always nice to know you still can navigate those shark infested waters)..


    1. Al, you hit the nail on the head! Why in the world would players want to play against the big guns when they can excel in smaller waters?

      It’s certainly an ego thing at the poker table and in real life.

      Far better to be a big fish in a smaller pond, rather than a guppy in the ocean of sharks.

      BTW, I hestitated posting this when I won our Poker Pure & Simple graduation tournament two weeks ago, but then, I do practice what I preach!

      Poker Mindset Coach

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