Donna’s Poker MindSet Tip – What Happened With Your Poker Resolutions?

Since today is the last day of January 2013, I’d like to ask you a question that might bring up some personal guilt.

I’m wondering how successful you have been over the last 31 days keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, what has happened with the New Year’s resolutions you made about your poker game?

Bet you just had a knee jerk, or furrowed your brow, or gave out a low groan. You know those are tells, right?

How are your Poker New Year’s Resolutions going?

  • If you resolved to be more patient, how is that working out?
  • If you resolved to be more aggressive and stop letting table bullies push you around like you’re a little girl, how is that working out?
  • If you resolved to play you’re A-game 100% of the time, how are you doing with that?

I’m reminded of a New Year’s Eve long past. I was sitting in a 10-20 Limit Texas Hold’em cash game in a California card room. That tells you how long ago that was.

After The World Poker Tour aired No Limit Hold’em in 2002 and Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP main event championship, everyone wanted to play No Limit. Few card rooms spread limit games higher than 4-8.

For me that is so sad. I love limit poker as long as it’s higher limit. I cut my teeth on 10-20 and some 20-40. Looking back, I was much more profitable in the 10-20 games.

But I digress…

On that New Year’s Eve, the 10-20 cash game was ultra-loose, ultra aggressive. On that 10-player table, more than 5 players saw the flop and most often 6 or 7.

When the clock hit midnight, there was a brief pause in the action and something odd happened. Suddenly, it was as if the other poker players at the table were instantly whisked away and replaced by beings from outer space.

In an instant, the game became ultra-tight. Rather than upwards of 70% of the players seeing the flop, there were 2 or 3. This magical shift went on for 15 or 20 minutes.

However, to my delight, steadily, the players slipped back into their ultra-loose mode as they left their New Year’s Resolutions in the dust.

It surprised me that it took such a short time.

Right now, how are you feeling about your Poker New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you feeling guilty? Maybe, you’re experiencing some self-judgment?

You know we are usually our worst critic. Let’s throw some blame in there.

Feels crappy, huh?

Guilt, judgment and blame… they are what I call the “Terrible Trinity”. They are destructive in both your personal life and at the poker table.

Donna’s MindShift Exercise

Release the Guilt

Close your eyes. Take a deep cleansing, restful breath. Exhale with a deep sigh.

At this moment, I am giving you a soul-healing hug. I’m wrapping you in my arms. Feel it.

Take a moment, rest your head on my chest, and allow yourself to lean into my arms. Your cares are gone. The stress has left your body.

Take another deep, restful breath. As you exhale, release any residue of guilt, judgment and blame.

Now grin as you feel the calm, the peacefulness.

You are perfect, just the way you are.

Until next time, remember my motto…

“If you can’t raise, don’t call.”

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach
Dean of Poker MindSet Academy

If you want to shift your MindSet but just don’t know how, go here for FREE access to one of my MindSet webinars where I share my signature MindShift Exercise. It is empowering!

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