Does Luck Puzzle You in Poker & Love?

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Luck seems to bless some people more than others, both at the poker table and in relationships. Ask me if I’m lucky. I say, "Absolutely. Today, more than others!"

That said, I also feel that we make our own luck. Luck is a piece of our life that we have more control over than we might first expect. It has to do with things like preparing for it and expecting it. There’s an old saying: Luck is where opportunity and preparation meet.

Do you ever feel down on your luck? The cards are just not coming, and your hands don’t hold up at the poker table? Does your relationship with your significant other suck because of reasons that seem out of your control?

It is painfully obvious that when my relationship with my husband, Gregory, is strained, my poker game also suffers. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. I am a whole person, and every part of my life affects every other part.

How many times have you brought a bad day home with you from work, almost as if it was a pet on a leash? I know I have. I told it to heel; don’t leave my side. Stay. Gooood girrrlll.

Have you ever taken the energy from a home argument with you to work and been uncharacteristically short with your co-workers? Often when I see poker players act out when they first sit down at a poker game, I wonder what the fight was about at home. It’s like brown-bagging negative energy. You take it with you just as you pack a lunch bag.

Why am I talking about this today? Because over the past four weeks, I have been impatient and cranky with everyone in my life. Gregory has been sick, and the multitasking associated with care giving, expanding my business, while running a household with five dogs and an 83-year-old mother has turned me into a raving bitch. (Phew. I’m glad that’s out… surely, no one has noticed!)

This email from my husband showed up in my inbox today and reminded me of how lucky I am and how easy it is to forget and latch onto the negative:

"Donna, if I have been remiss in telling you how very much I love you, please accept my apology. Baby, you are the absolute most important thing in my life."

You gotta’ love that guy! If that isn’t enough, here is the attachment that came with the email:

"Relationships and friendships are a lot like backyard gardens. We plan to tend to them; we just seem to put it off until next week." Boston Legal TV show

Yes, I am very, very lucky in poker and in love.

NOTE: On August 12, Gregory had major surgery number three and has had huge challenges with healing and pain. The doctors put him on mega pain meds that were interrupting some of the pain, but it was also making him so sick at his stomach he was unable to eat. He was literally losing weight so fast he was wasting away before my eyes. He was very thin to start and lost 20% of his body weight in four weeks. This past Sunday I screamed at the Universe for help. That very day without any prompting from me, he withdrew himself from the pain meds and started to rally. What a wonderful answer. I am grateful and so glad that I remembered to ask.

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