Live Poker Training

From the Comfort & Convenience of Your Home or Office

Stay home and still receive the benefits of a live poker boot camp, without all the added expense and stress of travel.
You might call this the new “Staycation” of Poker Training.
What makes this different from traditional, in-person poker coaching?
1.  Because of advances in technology, this live, personal poker training is affordable. You access the training by way of the Internet through live Webinars and Teleconferencing. You can choose to access the Webinars by a combination of the Internet and/or your phone. You ask your personal, coaching questions live, or you can submit them prior to the strategy sessions. You get real-time, live answers to your specific questions.
To accommodate your schedule, the live strategy sessions are recorded and posted to a private membership site where you can watch and listen… or download them for access at your convenience.
No high cost of travel and lodging.
No time away from home and family.
No time away from your job… Ok, this last one might not be a benefit… for some of us, this might just be a feature… :-)
2.  Helps you find your game and tap into your authentic personal power, so that you play from your strengths rather than your weaknesses.
3.  Gives you the tools to make your poker dream a reality.

QUESTION: What if I cannot get around to all the scheduled poker training and coaching sessions during the 8-weeks?

You will have ongoing access to a private membership site designed just for this poker training for a full 12-months. It includes all the pre-training as well as all the live strategy sessions created during the 8-weeks… plus additional bonuses posted after the 8-weeks. This site becomes your own personal poker resource.

QUESTION:  I want to attend, but the class has already started. How can I participate in this live poker coaching program without missing out on any of the material or any of the coaching?

ANSWER: This program has now been set up with a FLEX-Start so that you can start right now and still receive your 8 full weeks of live poker coaching in real time. You will automatically get your step-by-step lesson modules each week starting with the orientation. This training prepares you for your weekly live poker strategy sessions. Then, you will fluidly join the live coaching at the end of your first week.


Poker Pure & Simple(tm) Live Coaching Program
 How Long: 8-Weeks of live programs plus 12-month access to private membership site & resources including updates

Live Poker Coaching Has Started BUT You Can Still Get In
FLEX-Start Orientation Available

What is FLEX-Start? You can start any time during the FLEX-Start period and still receive your 8 full weeks of live poker coaching in real time. You will automatically get your step-by-step lesson modules each week starting with the orientation. Then, you will fluidly join the live coaching at the end of your first week.
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What does this 8-week Poker Pure & Simple (tm) Live Poker Coaching Program include?
* 8-Weekly Webinars and Teleclasses with specific lessons and challenges designed to take your game to the next level. No homework here… just pure fun!
* Mp3 downloads of the Teleclasses posted weekly for 24-hour access
* Weekly, live 90-minute Poker Strategy Coaching Sessions, focusing on what you specifically need to improve your individual game. There will be two poker coaching sessions each week, so that you can pick the session that fits into your schedule.
* Replays and downloads of the live Poker Coaching Sessions, accessible 24-hours a day
* You ask, Donna answers
* Heart-centered, intuitive coaching focused on your individual needs
* Poker coaching that starts where you are right now with the intention of helping you bring your poker dream to reality
* Ongoing, 12-month paid-in-full membership in the Poker Pure & Simpletm membership site
* Full, ongoing access to all the video, audio, and learning materials created and customized for YOU during your 8-week program
* There will be no additional monthly fees or charges, whatsoever, for your ongoing membership
* The poker training will remain with the site for your full access

 BONUS for poker players ready to take Action, NOW: 

The first 7 people to sign up during FLEX- Start Orientation, June 1-July 15, 2010,will receive  a one-hour, 1-on-1, private poker coaching session with Donna Blevins – A $250.00 Value.

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for the 8-week Poker Pure & Simpletm Coaching Program that I access from the comfort and convenience of my home. I understant that I can begin anytime between April 21-May 27, 2010, and still receive 8-weeks of live poker training. The sooner I take action, the longer I will have in the membership site.”
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Poker Pure & Simpletm

Donna Blevins

8-Week Poker Coaching Program

History Making, The First of Its Kind

Includes Exclusive Membership

Small, Intimate Class Size




SPRING 2010 PROGRAM (  (SOLD OUT  )))) $497.00

SUMMER 2010 PROGRAM (  (SOLD OUT  )))) $697.00

Yes, I want to take my poker game to the next level.

Ongoing Monthly Membership Available. Click here to request sample FREE training modules and to find out how to join:  Poker Pure & Simpletm Coaching Program


 * **For more information about Donna’s coaching, contact her directly here

 In the subject line put: “Tell me more about poker coaching.” 

“I look forward to spending quality time with you personally coaching you and helping you find YOUR poker game, not someone elses.”


If you can’t raise, don’t call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Mindset Coach

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