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Big Girl Poker Chat, Episode #1: Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton and Donna Blevins before the WPT Main Event at Best Bet in Jacksonville, Florida

Mike Sexton, “The Ambassador of Poker” and in the Poker Hall of Fame is today’s guest on Big Girl Poker Chat podcast. Mike is best known as the commentator of the World Poker Tour with Vince Van Patten. This year, The World Poker Tour is entering its 12th season. You can learn more about it at http://www.WPT.com.

Mike Sexton during the World Series of Poker 2013 One Drop Tournament

During today’s podcast, Donna Blevins and Mike Sexton discuss how the game of poker has changed and what players must do to keep up with those changes or risk going broke.

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6 thoughts on “Big Girl Poker Chat, Episode #1: Mike Sexton”

  1. The “Poker Gives” Charity is the #1 poker charity in the country for a reason! (Sexton, Johnson and Fisher)

    The WPT was indeed a history affecting broadcast that changed the “culture” of poker and with the Travel Channel exposure to millions of new viewers, it allowed the world of poker to explode into households all over the world.

    With more than 50 WSOP cashes and a bracelet, Mike is the ambassador for poker, spreading events throughout the world, including a new stop in China (recently) concluded, plus a first ever event in South Africa.

    From one vet to another Mike, thanks for your service as well.

    I like the fact Mike acknowledges that new players (introduced online), play millions of hands and understand the power of betting. The learning curve is steep, with college students moving to poker as well.

    Big games are always there to promote yourself, but if you lose, move back down and regain your footing, swallow your pride and get the bankroll back.

    Club WPT is free and a great place to win seats into the World Poker Tour, so as Mike says, no one has lost a dime at clubwpt.com and it’s no charge to improve your skills. VIP members get access to former shows as well, so start today.

    Look forward to Donna speaking with some poker authors who are on the cutting edge of poker information directed at beginner, intermediate and advanced poker players.

    Good luck with your YouTube channel too!

    1. Thanks Al for your great comment, and let me take this opportunity to thank you for welcoming me into your foal of poker instructors when you were the Dean of Poker School Online “back in the day”… who could ever have imagined that poker and we would have come so far!

      You have contributed much to the game, and I am proud to call you friend.

      A Big Girl hug!


  2. I really enjoyed this podcast, Mike Sexton is an excellent guest with his amazing knowledge of poker throughout many years & being able to change with the times as well. Donna Blevins your questions were on point you both were great to listen to as well. I hope you will have many more of these I actually learned a few things on this podcast, awesome job!

    1. Thank you ss much for your kind words Jackie! I always learn from Mike. He’s such a dynamic guest and a prince of a man.

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