Big Girl Poker Chat Episode #9: Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little joins Donna Blevins, your poker mindset coach, to talk about how he’s created a tournament winning career, alongside a teaching career on They’ll focus on converting your online game to the live game, and Jonathan is a great resource for this with over $1 million in online winnings.


You’ll hear Jonathan talk about:

Jonathan Little at the table wearing his reflective sunglasses.
  • How he modified his game to win tournaments
  • How Jonathan views the changes in the game from when he started in 2006
  • How to keep up with your constantly improving opponents
  • Why pot odds are so important to learn
  • What framework he uses to manage his poker bankroll, including tournament investment and variance.
  • Which tournaments he plays, and when he walks away

You’ll hear a few tips Jonathan Little shared with Donna, too:

  • Why to play tighter before the flop
  • Taking control of the hand, or not…
  • Why you shouldn’t do anything while you’re in a hand
  • One tactic to use against the hyper-aggressive players
  • Keeping track of your poker record with a spreadsheet or the PokerJournal app.

Correction: the cost of Jonathan’s website membership is now $10 per month.

More about Jonathan Little

As Jonathan has made it his goal and career of winning tournaments, a few notables include winning both the World Poker Tour’s Season VI Mirage Poker Showdown in 2007 winning just over $1 million dollars, Season VII Foxwoods World Poker Finals and winning the WPT Season VI Player of the Year award.

While Jonathan offers private coaching, he does a lot of different types of coaching, starting with his books on Amazon. On his training site,, there are many pre-recorded videos, Q&A webinars, online seminars and more with more coaches than just Jonathan.

Amassing nearly $4 million in live poker winnings and $1 million in online winnings, Jonathan now had three homes, spends most of his free time in Las Vegas or with his family, who are often in the audience when he’s playing  in a big tournament.

Links from this episode

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Until next time, remember Donna’s motto…

“If you can’t raise, don’t call.”

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

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