Big Girl Poker Chat Episode #6: Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher

Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher join Donna Blevins on today’s Big Girl Poker Chat podcast, and they’ll talk about the history of women in poker, how the game is changing to include women as well as men, some great tips and strategies about profiling and record keeping, and about Card Player Cruises!

Jan Fisher, Donna Blevins and Linda Johnson… Yep, that’s Jan standing on a chair 😀

Right off the bat, both Linda and Jan share a great batch of tips, including:

  • As the game changes, how can you change your game to win?
  • What types of players should you identify?
  • Why should you prepare before you sit down at the poker table?
  • How can players go from playing online to playing in “real life?”

You’ll also hear about their Card Player Cruises – a great way to take a vacation, learn poker and enjoy a boat load of destinations… the Eastern & Western Caribbean, Alaska, Canada & New England, Australia & New Zealand and more…

You will also hear how Jan and Linda recommend profiling tables and players, including the notion that stereotyping in “real life” poker not only includes how someone looks, but also that their profession gives you information about a player’s tendencies.

Donna, Linda and Jan also discuss other profiling techniques, knowing yourself as a player and some strategies to take care of your poker finances. One strategy is to keep notes about your games, your win/loss, and your finances and review your notes regularly.

They also explain:

  • Value Betting
  • Thin Value Betting
  • Triple Barrel Betting
  • How to alter your mindset about the chips while you’re playing

Linda Johnson, known as “The First Lady of Poker,” has been one of the leading forces in the poker world for much of her life – not just for women, but for the game. Aside from running Card Player Cruises with Jan Fisher, Mark Tenner and Lisa Tenner, she previously owned and ran Card Player Magazine, and has many top poker tournament finishes under her belt. While not out on a cruise, she enjoys teaching WPT Boot Camp and hosts poker seminars and tournaments at many cardrooms around the country. Linda is currently an active Director of Poker Players Alliance.

Jan Fisher, also a partner in Card Player Cruises, is involved in many other parts of the current poker scene in the USA hosting tournaments, writing columns in poker publications and playing. Among the many things, Jan wrote the Poker 101 column for Card Player magazine for more than ten years. She is also an active faculty of WPT Boot Camp. Jan is a past member of the Board of Directors for the Poker Players Alliance and still is very active in the PPA and their mission.

Both Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher were two of the four founders of Poker Tournament Directors Association and are still involved on the Board.

To get access to Donna’s Free Pot Odds Course visit BigGirlPoker.com.

Until next time, remember Donna’s motto…

“If you can’t raise, don’t call.”

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

8 thoughts on “Big Girl Poker Chat Episode #6: Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher”

  1. Robin aka Sin City Kitty

    Thank you so very much Donna for a great chat with Linda & Jan, I loved it, and what great info and insight from all 3 of you xoxoxo

    1. Thrilled to hear from you Ruth! Thank you for listening and sharing with your poker contacts. I adore both Linda & Jan… oh and you as well!

    1. Such sweet words Ruth! That’s all about my MindShift™ Exercises. I bet you’ll enjoy my new book that will be out after the first of the year => “Get Your Head BACK in the Game”


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