Big Girl Poker Chat Episode #15: David Apostolico

David Apostolico joins your poker mindset coach Donna Blevins for this in-depth interview discussing his life and what he does as both a poker writer and poker player. They also dive into some examples of poker hands and situations from the poker table. David and Donna talk the same talk and walk the same walk!


You’ll hear David Apostolico and Donna Blevins talk about:

  1. How David learned the game of poker
  2. The impact of poker on your personal life
  3. David’s new book, You are the Variable
  4. Your poker table image – how you are perceived
  5. David’s view of the history of No Limit Hold’em in tournaments
  6. The art versus the science of poker tournament play
  7. Dead cards, how to deal with them, and how to think through the hand
  8. Why it’s important to use your chips efficiently
  9. Mindset and The Art of War
  10. Playing without cards – position, betting and table image
  11. Which of David’s books is he most proud of?
  12. Remaining personally unattached to the outcome of poker hands

More About David Apostolico

David Apostolico’s new book You are the Variable is available from Amazon.com

David Apostolico has been playing poker on every level for over 25 years. He’s played with the best players on the Professional Poker Tour. David looks to the great strategists in history, such as Sun Tzu, to help players develop a successful mindset in their poker games and in their lives. His books are read and recommended by many top poker pros.

David Apostolico’s Recommended Reading

David Apostolico Links

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Until next time, remember Donna’s motto…

“If you can’t raise, don’t call.”

Donna Blevins Poker MindSet Coach

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