Big Girl Poker Chat Episode #10: Randi Levenbaum

Randi Levenbaum joins your Poker MindSet Coach Donna Blevins for an interview focusing on how to make money in small stakes, no limit, Texas Hold’em cash games. Randi brings a unique, analytic eye to the game of poker and shares that with you.

Poker Coach Randi Levenbaum sporting a lovely smile.

You’ll hear Randi Levenbaum talk about:

  • The “world famous” Wednesday Poker Discussion Group in Las Vegas
  • Her underlying philosophy of her teaching – the “why”
  • The biggest mistakes players make in low buy-in No Limit Hold’em games
  • Giving players “bad prices”
  • Pot odds and card odds – how it’s easy to learn and what you should know
  • The importance of mental toughness and mindset when at the table
  • Tactics you can employ to deal with hyper-aggressive players
  • Bad beats, good players and whining

The Randi Levenbaum’s poker tips in Donna Blevins’ podcast:

  • How to know how much to raise
  • Giving players “bad prices” and the relationship to scare cards
  • What your bankroll should be to play 1-2 no limit games
  • How to pick a low-stakes, cash table in a card room

More about Randi Levenbaum

With Randi Levenbaum’s background in business, finance and entrepreneurship, she brings a very unique and analytical focus to the game of poker.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2005, she began applying her analytical “risk versus reward” skills to the poker table. While you can find her playing four to six times each week somewhere in Las Vegas, she’s also very active in the “world famous” Wednesday Poker Discussion Group which she mentions in the interview.

Outside of Vegas she teaches beginners and shares poker tips aboard Card Player Cruises, WPT Boot Camps and of course, does her own teaching and coaching through her website at pokercoachrandi.wordpress.com.

Links related to this episode:

To get access to Donna’s Free Pot Odds Course visit BigGirlPoker.com.

Until next time, remember Donna’s motto…

“If you can’t raise, don’t call.”

Donna Blevins
Poker MindSet Coach

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