A Poker Lesson from Facebook

  "What is your biggest challenge at the poker table?" is frequently how I first connect with a new  friend on Facebook. You see, I'm doing research for m y book,  Life Lessons from Poker™,  and I find that people share amazing insights when I simply ask.

I   find lessons everywhere. Below is a particularly telling conversation with a special woman that started out about poker, and then naturally moved to life.

My Facebook Friend, Caryn:

"It's interesting how poker can shed light on the very things you need to work on personally in life. It's like a magnifier.

Some people blame their losses on being unlucky, other people, bad beat stories. These tend to be people who won't take responsibility for their actions. Others can use this information as a tool to better themselves at the poker table and in life.

"Was I too impatient? Did I act in retaliation or from an emotional place? Did I make it personal?"

When we take the game and apply it to our lives, we can gain insight into how we are as people, how we deal with adversity, and if we are smart, how we can learn and apply this knowledge on and off the felt." 

Thank you, Caryn, you enrich my life!

Remember my motto,

If you can't raise, don't call.

Donna Blevins
Poker Coach

6 thoughts on “A Poker Lesson from Facebook”

  1. Hi Donna, greetings from Australia…:-)
    I have to agree with Caryn & everthing she says…a very smart woman.
    I also met Caryn on FaceBook after I commented on something she wrote on Doyle Brunson's FB Page…we have been FB friends now for about a year or so…I hope one day in the not too distant future to come to the USA & meet Caryn & her husband Rick & play a game at their place in Chicago.
    Great article…cheers
    Peter Blackhall
    Tatura, Victoria, Australia.

    1. And one day we plan on traveling to Australia, Peter! The only thing that has stopped us is that we cannot get there in our RV!

      Thanks much for stopping by. Appreciate you passing on my blog to your poker friends and ask them to ‘like’ my fan page for Poker Pure & Simple… will go to FB and give you the link there.

      Drop by any time!

  2. Aaahhhh  Caryn.  Such wise words,  What a perfect parallel she draws.  And to think, I once wondered if  she might me a tad rash.

    1. Christy, I would love to interview you for my upcoming book, Poker Mirrors Life. Please email me directly Donna @ Big Girl Poker dot com.

      Donna Blevins

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